20 Impolite People Who Shouldn’t Be Welcomed To Any Restaurant

Working in the foodservice industry is not easy at all. Every restaurant tries to treat dinners as well as possible, even like kings and queens. However, almost all restaurant employees have experienced mistreatment from their clients at least once in a while. Sometimes they have no idea how to deal with rude customers, and it’s fair to say that those ill-mannered ones are servers’ nightmare.
We have collected some of the best posts about rude customers shared by restaurant servers. Some of them are annoying, but some are extremely disrespectful like they come from hell, and those people should never be welcomed to step into any restaurant, not to mention to eat or order food. Scroll down to see.

#1. Leave a diaper on the table

Source: Adda717

#2. Give servers fake tips

Source: iskermitagod

#3. Displaying bare feet in a restaurant is so rude

Source: boozinBanthony

#4. The group of kids filled it up and the parents shouted at customers attempting to complain

Source: ya-boi-445

#5. This can't help you get any chance

Source: RekNepZ

#6. Guy left a negative tip to subtract from the total after calling the restaurant while inside to rush his order

Source: Kanye-Westicle

#7. The way they leave a tip

Source: lukelovesu

#8. This was given by a 6 top instead of a tip

Source: californiagovernor

#9. Two underage kids tried to order drinks

Source: bortsimpsonson

#10. What's wrong with some people?

Source: somnifacientsawyer

#11. Poor manners

Source: _ellesdee

#12. Someone keeps stealing their tip jar

Source: opvuuu

#13. Why so rude

Source: RainbowDash118

#14. This family let their kid crawl all over the restaurant floor

Source: langleywaters

#15. What's going on inside their head?

Source: dagregory

#16. We should get rid of these idiots

Source: CMCXCV

#17. Customer leaves dirty thing on the restaurant table

Source: thirdcoastgirlll

#18. "Only tip citizens"

Source: EpicTwinkieGamer

#19. Wouldn’t let him underage drink so he didn’t tip

Source: Xenologon

#20. Using having kids as an excuse not to tip servers

Source: _Atoms_Apple

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