Interesting Tumblr Posts That Will Change The Way You See Your Favorite Disney Movies

Have you ever loved a movie so much that you choose to watch it again and again despite all the new blockbusters stirring the world out there? Many of us have one or a few all-time favorites like that, and sometimes we feel like there’s no way they could surprise us anymore because we are too familiar with them all. But cinephiles, don’t be too confident, because no matter how much you already know, there’s always someone out there who knows a little more than you do.
The entertaining industry contains countless talented directors and screenwriters who have tons of methods to amaze their fans with the smallest details, and their fans love to analyze these Easter eggs as well for some reason! Of course, Disney filmmakers and their faithful audience are absolutely no different. If you are a Disney follower looking for something brand new about your beloved cinematic works, these 25 amusing Tumblr posts right here are just for you! Scroll down and check them out!

#1. Would love to see "The trip to IKEA."

Source: maspower

#2. In case you want to know why.

Source: the-pesci-mode

#3. He neverlands.

Source: carryonmywaywardwayland

#4. Don't let them in, don't let them see.

Source: i-lost-my-heart-in-republic-city

#5. That comment is so accurate it hurts.

Source: the-icelandic-huntress

#6. Be like Te Fiti!

Source: lovelydreamer77

#7. But, why???

Source: lesbiangang

#8. How many?

Source: llove-you-always

#9. Mulan: “Who’s next?”

Source: reynni

#10. Not that I'm surprised though.

Source: disneypixars

#11. Good job, dad.

Source: donegoneson

#12. We're all in this together.

Source: hudlion

#13. Rapunzel: "Thanks, a lot."

Source: spoiledchestnut

#14. Adjectives, my dear.

Source: astroknight

#15. Calm down, Picasso.

Source: allthings-waltdisney

#16. Right?

Source: buckybarn-s

#17. Best friends forever!

Source: dontworryitsharmony

#18. They look stunning indeed.

Source: discount-allen-ginsberg

#19. Feel old yet?

Source: whatever-its-disney

#20. Don't be Cinderella.

Source: ohkimani

#21. How is her hair soft after living in salt water for all her life?

Source: dingdongyouarewrong

#22. Let it groove, let it grooove... Cant hold back all the moves...

Source: the-magical-anon-overlord

#23. Nice hair by the way!

Source: avengersmemes

#24. What a great dad.

Source: mamalaz

#25. And no one cared either.

Source: dankmemeuniversity

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