20 Hilarious Disney Posts That Will Make You Burst Out Laughing

Disney movies are always a great source of humor, and their fans are also pretty creative when it comes to making others roll on the floor laughing, too. Especially since Disney+ was officially released to the public in November 2019, every social media platform has been filled with Disney content again! However, when there are too many things around to wade through, it’s easy for us all to miss some excellent ones that are totally worth our attention.
So today, we’d love to introduce to you 20 recent Disney posts that have impressed us with their hilarity and accuracy, and they are guaranteed to give you a good laugh as well. If you are a hardcore Disney fan, you will even find many of them pretty relatable! And if you are not, those amusing posts won’t fail to put a smile on your face either. Just scroll down and enjoy:

#1. Literally every introvert in society.

#2. A reality series that's definitely worth watching.

#3. For a more satisfying Eilonwy, read the books.

#4. Thank you for protecting our childhoods!

#5. That man doesn't deserve her at all.

#6. It's time to go to the bleach factory!

#7. Oh wow thank you!

#8. A super awkward moment indeed.

#9. It's my pasta!!!

#10. Errr... right?

#11. Be like Buzz.

#12. A Crème de la Crème à la Edgar is no cracker!

#13. How to make someone question their reality.

#14. Perfect.

#15. Shut up and take my money.

#16. Laughing but not laughing.

#17. It seems like he's having a bad day.

#18. OMG that hurts!

#19. Expectation vs reality.

#20. Please be patient, guys.

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