Plus-size Princess Project Of These Models Can Make All Disney Fans Get Hooked

Disney is undisputable one of the most influential movie studios in the world. Its animated films always attract all the audiences’ attention and cause a wave of excitement in the movie market. And the Disney princesses are definitely the characters that receive love and attention the most.
Disney princesses usually appear in beautiful costumes and have kind personalities; also, they always have an excellent, perfect look with slim figures. All of these factors is gradually becoming the standard. However, this standard has led to a problem that when people think of princesses, they only think of pretty girls and assume that full-figured girls can't become princesses. Therefore, a social media influencer - Natasha Polis starts the hashtag #PlusSizePrincessProject to refute this notion. She invites plus-size models to take part in to prove that princesses come in all shapes and sizes. "It would be no matter your size, you can live out your fairy tale dreams."
Let's check these astonishing pictures out and let me know what you think about this project!

#1 A new version of Moana

Source: curvesbyzo

“I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my boat, sail across the sea, and restore the heart of Te Fiti.”

#2 Natasha Polis dresses as Belle in "Beauty and the Beast"

Source: tashapolis

She is such a gorgeous princess, right?

#3 Princess Jasmine in "Aladdin"

Source: flashesofstyle

Bonnie Barton says that she is absolutely honored to be a part of The #PlusSizePrincessProject alongside such inspiring women!

#4 This image of Snow White gives us a complete different view

Source: monicakim.jpg

"Go on, have a bite!"

#5 Merida in "Brave"

Source: tonsablush

Sarah Anne once shared: "Merida is one of my favorite Disney princesses and I obviously had to give her a nod this year."

#6 Sarah Tripp cosplays Rapunzel in "Tangled"

Source: sassyredlipstick

#7 Aurora in Sleeping Beauty

Source: heathertraska

This wonderful models says that she wants to prove that princesses are not One Size Fits All.

#8 This version of Mulan is so amazing that it can make you all surprise

Source: magicandmarie

#9 This is definitely one of the best cosplay of Alice

Source: ashleerosehartley

#10 “If I’m going to rule this kingdom, I can’t be afraid” - Princess Elena

Source: madebymagic_designs

#11 A new Esmeralda's version with Do It Yourself plus-size Disney princess costume

Source: smilesandpearlss

#12 Megara from Hercules

Source: readytostare

"I’m Megara from Hercules. She’s independent, sarcastic, strong, an agent of her own fate, takes no nonsense and has a really great ponytail!"

#13 Can you realize that this plus-size model is cosplaying Kida from "Atlantis"?

Source: bibbidibobbidi_broke

#14 This version of Elsa and Anna is so gorgeous and beautiful

Source: huntermcgrady

#15 Simple yet impressive, this light version of Cinderella melts everyone's heart

Source: roseybeeme

#16 A new image of Tinker Bell from "Peter Pan"

Source: glitterandlazers

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