23 Times Disney Staff Amaze Visitors With Their Cleverness And Awesomeness

Since the very first Disneyland Park opened in California on July 17, 1955, many other Disney-themed parks have gradually shown up everywhere in this world, wowing Disney fans every day with their magical sights and jolly spirit. Every kid dreams of coming to a Disney Park, and many adults absolutely love that idea as well. These wonderful worlds are not only for kids to meet the charming, adorable characters that they always adore in real life, they also help mature people to relive their childhoods.
One of the reasons that make Disney Parks so popular and loved is the incredible sweetness of the staff there. They are fun, light-hearted, and totally as cool as we expected them to be! In this post, we are pleased to introduce to you 23 funny moments when Disney employees nail their job with their cleverness, and they will make you go “aww” for sure. Just scroll down and enjoy!

#1. My Bert and Mary met their doppelgangers at Disneyland today.

Source: MaLaCoiD

#2. Disneyland's Peter Pan.

Source: hrhoover

#3. He's only four, but he said this has to be "the greatest moment in my life"!!! Thanks Disneyland!

Source: UncleNad

#4. Awwww, Donald Duck found his family!

Source: AngelaTsoukalas

#5. A magical place.

Source: ikimaru

#6. A tale of betrayal and tragedy in Disneyland.

Source: TrustMeImABassist

#7. While working Snow White's scary adventure.

Source: qguardian

#8. We recently lost my gma to cancer and Disney was her favorite place so we came to honor her spirit. Your cast member, Claire from Stlouis, brought my mom to tears with her kind words and “Disney magic”. A million thank yous would never be enough.

Source: zebragirl1313

#9. So my friend went to the parks dressed as Anna, and this was Anna’s reaction upon spotting her in the crowd.

Source: deadlydisney

#10. Made me tear up... a guide dog meeting Pluto at Disneyland.

Source: leliocakes

#11. Disneyland is really the most magical place on Earth... Minnie realized that this little boy was deaf and communicated with im in ASL.

Source: KyleEdwards

#12. Guess who?

Source: theyellowbrickroa

#13. Autism service dog in training goes to Disneyland.

Source: laurathedoggiediva

#14. "Nothing will ever be as amazing."

Source: japthony

#15. This Disneyland cast member who painted Stitch on the street, with a mop and a water bucket.

Source: warmhedgehugs

#16. Ii ran to Rabbit so fast and Tigger just...

Source: heidbyhes

#17. "You look amazing in those glasses!"

Source: angggram

#18. Captain America at Disneyland signing with a deaf guest.

Source: psychologicalX

#19. The moment Minnie betrayed my girlfriend.

Source: ihefkin

#20. I think we’re forgetting that Darth Vader has a balloon.

Source: blahhitsisaac

#21. No one's sneakily a feminist like Gaston.

Source: powerfulweak

#22. "He misses you, too!"

Source: Disneyland

#23. My friend went to Disneyland wearing the wrong shirt.

Source: Math_Nerd_

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