36 Weird Toilet Designs That'll Make You Say "Why, Oh Why, Oh Why?"

When being asked what is the quietest and most peaceful place, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? That comes down to personal choice. We all need a place that brings a moment of peace and tranquility to escape from the hustle and bustle of life and recharge our batteries. A bathroom can be the best room ever. Because of its importance, many people have come up with interesting ideas to design their bathrooms. Some are great and fancy. Some are just weird and questionable. Below are some weird toilet designs I've found, and they will crack you up.
Now, let’s pull your seats closer and have a look at these weird toilet designs. Don't forget to vote for your favs and share this list with your friends and family if you find it funny. Also, if you also want to liven up your bathroom, these one-of-a-kind designs will be a great source of inspiration.

#1. Danger shitters out there

Weird Toilet DesignsSource: Sh*tStainedBallSack

#2. When you need to poop but you also want to have the high ground

Weird Toilet DesignsSource: Limeila

#3. Look, up in the sky! it's a bird! It's a plane! It's... a toilet

Weird Toilet DesignsSource: darthacker666

#4. Mood ring toilet seat cover

Weird Toilet DesignsSource: pkkballer22

#5. For a sh*t on the go

Weird Toilet DesignsSource: reason802

#6. We got given a toilet light but it’s stuck on red which is the most terrifying color to have glowing from your toilet

Weird Toilet DesignsSource: panoparker

#7. Medieval toilet

Weird Toilet DesignsSource: engrandarch

#8. Meanwhile, at the construction yard

Weird Toilet DesignsSource: Popal24

#9. This should be in every cinema

Weird Toilet DesignsSource: samuraikai11

#10. Crapper sofa

Weird Toilet DesignsSource: pkkballer22

#11. The sink attached to the toilet, forming a perfect slide

Weird Toilet DesignsSource: batataqw89

#12. The toilet seat makes it looks like someone didn't quite make it

Weird Toilet DesignsSource: PanthermalUnderwear

#13. Transparent so you can see everything

Weird Toilet DesignsSource:

#14. Two sinks, one throne

Weird Toilet DesignsSource: howardkinsd

#15. Someone at my stepdad's work put dry ice in the toilet by mistake

Source: Samaraiii

#16. "We need to decorate the toilet for the disabled." "Say no more"

Source: WiggelingOversnipe

#17. I mean you could've rotated the toilet but whatever

Source: doppelknoten

#18. Toilets at my working place

Source: 1vs1meonminecraft

#19. Public restroom - Made me scream when the motion-triggered light came on - why oh why?

Source: PowerOfYes

#20. Would never wanna be in this bathroom on acid

Source: darthacker666

#21. This casino toilet

Source: jjuussttiiss

#22. As if public toilets didn’t give me enough anxiety

Pictures Of Weird ToiletsSource: Jonwyattearp

#23. All toilets must be centered in the middle of the classroom so kids eating their snacks three feet away can bare witness to their classmates defecating

Pictures Of Weird ToiletsSource: JKastnerPhoto

#24. This toilet at my sister's house

Pictures Of Weird ToiletsSource:

#25. Absurd new toilets installed in Surfers Paradise, QLD Australia

Pictures Of Weird ToiletsSource: Lugozi

#26. In this toilet, you poop in the flamingos' pool

Pictures Of Weird ToiletsSource: Saphichan

#27. What??

Pictures Of Weird ToiletsSource: becqqua

#28. A mesmerizing way to paint a bathroom

Pictures Of Weird ToiletsSource: howardkinsd

#29. Nice ceiling

Pictures Of Weird ToiletsSource: nakilon

#30. Best urinal design I've ever had the pleasure of relieving myself on

Pictures Of Weird ToiletsSource: Tallwrig

#31. Need to lean back sometimes

Pictures Of Weird ToiletsSource: AristonD

#32. Beautiful toilet in Puerto Escondido, Mexico that is painted even on the inside. I almost felt guilty for peeing in it

Pictures Of Weird ToiletsSource: jewelkawataki

#33. Donald's mouth toilet?

Weird Toilet DesignsSource: CompetitiveRace2

#34. Toilet in Bangladesh

Weird Toilet DesignsSource: howardkinsd

#35. To this day I wonder how it works

Weird Toilet DesignsSource: RealKirbo

#36. Thanks, I hate this seashell toilet. For $19.99

Weird Toilet DesignsSource: PixieTheApostle

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