36 'Perfect Fit' Photos That Are So Satisfying To Look At

Are you an OCD person? If yes, you are really going to enjoy this subreddit. It's called 'Perfect Fit.' As the name suggests, this online community is devoted to "things that, surprisingly and satisfyingly, fit perfectly into each other". About 2.6 million members of this group constantly share oddly satisfying pictures that can satisfy any soul. Don't worry if you are not a perfectionist because many 'perfect fit' pictures there are really funny to crack you up.
We have compiled a list of the most satisfying 'perfect fit' pictures from this group. Take a minute to scroll down and check them out for yourself. Don't forget to vote for your favorite photos and share this list with your friends and family. If this list is not enough to satisfy your soul, go to the 'Perfect Fit' subreddit or check out 20 Oddly Satisfying ‘Perfect Fits’ That People Accidentally Found.

#1. I washed my linens and rugs, it took me a while to find my missing bath rug

Source: MadeKiffer

#2. Found this leaf tucked perfectly into this hole in the cement

Source: eBirder

#3. This car against the fitted tree

Source: newmacbookpro

#4. I can't express how happy this made me on a tough job!

Source: coolez-nunez

#5. My dad lost his work phone. Ended up finding it lodged in his chair 20 minutes later

Source: jangleschan

#6. My phone and laptop chargers fit perfectly in this desktop outlet

Source: unknown / reddit

#7. Found in the wild

Source: kendawg333

#8. I use a hammer holder on my belt for work, today I found this fit

Source: Pepe_leprawn

#9. This ring on my Speaker’s volume knob

Source: noneo

#10. I was sorting my small lego pieces and found this perfect spot

Source: greenIIonion

#11. Reflection of a car lines up perfectly with another

Source: DAt_WaliueIGi_BOi

#12. Glorious

Source: frankcfreeman

#13. These clam shells

Source: icklishTesticle

#14. How this phone fits perfectly

Source: DickFromAccountings

#15. My friend bought a fridge online for a house he never visited

Source: critterjg

#16. This owl and her hole

Source: omnivoroustoad

#17. Cork coaster so I can play at night without waking the kids

Source: KernowFunk

#18. Perfect phone holder

Source: w1zArd6

#19. Got a new armrest at work, which happens to fit perfectly around my pregnant belly

Source: AiloSLiv

#20. Suitcases in my rental car

Source: Sam_Daykin1

#21. The perfect Stroopwafel mug! Yessss!

Source: ttvalkyrie25

#22. Satisfying office desk

Source: HovercraftMain

#23. Mmmm

Source: pieanim

#24. This floormat on my bathroom tiles


#25. Apple halves that I found fit perfectly together

Perfect Fit PicturesSource: yelly657

#26. No better way to transport 480 beers

Perfect Fit PicturesSource: notthefirst_335

#27. I've had this plate since I was 5. I just realized it fits bagels THAT much better

Perfect Fit PicturesSource: _restless_

#28. Finally found a perfect fit in a hotel. Made my stay immediately better

Perfect Fit PicturesSource: farmyohoho

#29. My umbrella onto this wire protector on the wall

Perfect Fit PicturesSource: OneTonneWantenWonton

#30. The moon in my iPhone wallpaper and my head in today's iOS Photo widget selection

Perfect Fit PicturesSource: jsearls

#31. My dinner plates apparently fit perfectly in my pan lid. But now I can’t get it out

Perfect Fit PicturesSource: adba3

#32. The way ice sits in my coffee flask

Perfect Fit PicturesSource: atoothlessfairy

#33. I squeezed the near-full moon into a cell tower antenna this week

Perfect Fit PicturesSource: Tweetystraw

#34. My mailman must read this sub

Perfect Fit PicturesSource: lowend311

#35. These Matresses fit perfectly together​

Perfect Fit PicturesSource: Oatmealandfriends

#36. The way the floor tiles line up with the cupboard and door gaps

Perfect Fit PicturesSource: dB_Monster

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