Artist Merges Our Favorite Disney Heroes With Their Villains

We’ve previously shown off some Disney character mashup illustrations. This time, we would like to surprise you with mashup drawings that combine Disney heroes and their villains. This awesome mashup was created by the ​talented artist Dada, who has passion for drawing with color pencils and is a big fan of Disney. So it is not surprising that her artwork features Disney characters and everything related to them.
​“I wanted to draw pure, honest, "good" characters that have an evil side or a villain,” Dada said in an interview with Bored Panda. “Although unfortunate events may happen and turn us onto a road of anger and frustration at the world, or on a path of destruction; in the end, the choice is ours to take and that we are strong to be like heroes.”
In this post, we have gathered some Dada's illustrations where she merged Disney heroes side-by-side with their villain counterparts. Needless to say, the results have been awesome. If you don't believe, scroll down to check for yourself! Don't forget to support Dada on her Instagram!

#1 Simba Vs Scar

Source: dada16808

#2 Snow White Vs The Evil Queen

Source: dada16809

#3 Rapunzel Vs Mother Gothel

Source: dada16810

#4 Aladdin Vs Jafar

Source: dada16811

#5 Aurora Vs Maleficent

Source: dada16812

#6 Hercules Vs Hades

Source: dada16813

#7 Ariel Vs Ursula

Source: dada16814

#8 Mulan Vs Shan Yu

Source: dada16815

#9 Alice Vs The Red Queen

Source: dada16816

#10 Cinderella Vs The Wicked Stepmother

Source: dada16817

#11 Gaston Vs The Prince

Source: dada16818

#12 Anna Vs Elsa

Source: dada16819

#13 Tiana Vs The Shadow Man

Source: dada16820

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