30 Times Cats Show Off Their "Teefies" And It's Just Too Funny Not To Share

There are so many things about cats that drive us crazy: their charming round eyes, their little paws, their lovely purrs, the way they make biscuits, or the way they rub themselves again us. And of course, their tiny kitty teeth are weirdly attractive as well! (Yes, all cat lovers can get it). Either they are just accidentally showing their teeth or they are (hopelessly) trying to scare us with a fierce attitude, they never fail to make us go "awww". In fact, these furry moggies are simply so adorable that sometimes they make us forget they are born predators.
Cats with teeth have become a thing for a while now, and they are so loved that Reddit even has a huge community called Teeny Tiny Cat Teefs (r/teefies) to celebrates such humorous kitty moments. Before checking the group for more captivating "teefies" pictures, scroll down and enjoy 30 hilarious ones we have piled up right here below:

#1. Some upside-down teefies.

Source: cyanideanimal

#2. Tiny show-off.

Source: KaidaTheServal

#3. My old man and his 1 teefy.

Source: Boinkysamm

#4. Caught my toothless mid meow.

Source: NiteLiteOfficial

#5. Attack teefies!!

Source: landeisja

#6. "You’re not LISTENING TO MEEEEE!!"

Source: 00telperion00

#7. Mimi permanently shows her teefies due to an injury she received when she was a kitten.

Source: PoppyCockInAL

#8. "YOU-LEFT-US-FOR-FOUR-DAYS!!!!" teefies while trying to unpack.

Source: Iroman44

#9. Some mid-sneeze teefies to bring you luck on this Friday the 13th.

Source: zook312

#10. This hug has lasted long enough.

Source: ThatMorningAlarm

#11. Mr. Grinny McTeethy.

Source: siegeaye

#12. Peanytodd teefies.

Source: AuntChilada

#13. "I choose this pumpkin!"

Source: xsited1

#14. Grooming teefies.

Source: Schlaffpaff

#15. Sir Henry and his royal teefies.

Source: stunninglizard

#16. "What do you mean you will bring a dog!??"

Source: amjad3

#17. My shower overlord.

Source: antioxidantal

#18. I snuck up behind her to take a picture and this immediately happened...

Source: L181G

#19. Sir Gus and his mighty yawn!

Source: Tifstr2

#20. Caught him smirking.

Source: meowskanka

#21. Singular toof.

Source: asherology

#22. Everyone, meet Olly.

Source: strictfaid

#23. Vicious lion snarls as he shows his massive set of teefies to helpless prey.

Source: chahud

#24. When you break out the wet food.

Source: LightningMango

#25. All the teefies.

Source: CADninja

#26. “Oh my, that’s cold!”

Source: vpdots

#27. My 6 month old troublemaker, Raven, says hello.

Source: howlingblastXJ

#28. Some mlem and blep!

Source: wet-robot

#29. My brother met the most beautiful cat ever in Tokyo today.

Source: SnuggieAddict

#30. I think I should return this blanket. It’s got teefies.

Source: Komplexs

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