Adorable Video Captures Baby Lion And Baby Chimpanzee Playing Wrestle Together

Interspecies friendship is always one of the purest, sweetest things that happen to this world. It proves that loves comes in all shapes and sizes, and love recognizes no barrier.
Recently, a lion cub and a baby chimpanzee have melted the hearts of many animals lovers worldwide with their wonderfully adorable friendship. Binta, a six-month-old lion and Limbani, a three-year-old chimp have always been best friends. They were both born at Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami, Florida and have grown up there together.

Image source: screenshot | Daily Mail

Binta and Limbani are almost inseparable now, both of them are bright stars of the Foundation. While Limbani seems to be really interested in human hobbies like painting, learning to tie shoelaces, and answering the phone, Binta and other cubs are enjoying their best lives as spoiled kids!
Funny enough, the unlikely duo loves to play wrestle with each other and they do it all the time. Not long ago, one of their friendly grappling matches was caught on camera, making people can’t help but adore the beautiful bond of these endearing critters. They rolled on the grass together, used their hands and paws to provoke the other and had a really good time there!
Let’s take a peek at this hilarious pair:
According to Matthew Dillon - the Communications Director of Zoological Wildlife Foundation, it’s just the way Binta and Limbani show their love toward one another.
“Binta has known Limbani since birth and clearly they've adapted a play style that suits them both,” he said.

Image source: screenshot | Daily Mail

Currently, Zoological Wildlife Foundation is offering many amusing guided tours for visitors to explore the wildlife in this five-acre park.
“Our goal is to educate the public about the danger these animals face in the wild and what can be done to help protect them,” Dillon added.
Aren’t they lovely? Please share Binta and Limbani’s delightful story with your friends and family!
H/T: Daily Mail
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