Fan Art Shows The Shocking Original Grimm Brothers' Endings To Some Of Our Favorite Disney Fairy Tales

Many of us are familiar with Disney's fairy tales and their happy endings. But when you grow up, you will know that the Disney fairy tales you love, are actually not what you think they are. It's easy to understand because Disney often adapts the original versions of fairy tales to make them more suitable to kids.
If you are hardcore fans of Disney, you have definitely known about where the cult classics originated: The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. Walt E. Disney and company transformed their stories into a global empire that is still going stronger than ever after more than 90 years.
Here are some of the original Grimm Brothers' endings to Disney classics. Scroll down to see for yourself!

#1 Snow White

In the animated release of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', the Evil Queen dies due to falling off a cliff.

Source: Disney

But in The Brothers Grimm edition of this tale, Snow White actually enacted revenge against the Queen on her own. She forced the evil queen to wear hot iron shoes and dance until she died.

Source: Molly Ostertag

Source: Camille Rose Garcia

#2 Cinderella

Source: Disney

After hearing the prince was looking for the woman that originally fit his mystery shoe, one of the evil step-sisters cuts off her toes, while the other cuts off her heel. However, the prince still finds Cinderella to be the true owner of the shoe.

Source: Stargazer-gemini

The two sisters lost their eyes to the anger of birds.

Source: Falling Sarah

#3 The Little Mermaid

In the movie or story, Ariel lost her voice after receiving her human legs.

Source: Disney

But in Hans Christian Andersen's version, she lost the bet she made with the sea witch and became sea foam.

Source: IslaDelCoco

#4 Rapunzel

This is yet another adaptation of The Brothers Grimm edition of Rapunzel. Rapunzel actually gets pregnant during one of the prince's visits, and it leads to Rapunzel getting her ridiculously long hair snipped.

Source: Disney

Rapunzel has to leave the tower, and the Enchantress waits for the prince's return. When he returns and begins to climb, he realizes that it's the Enchantress. He falls into a thorn patch, and his eyes are gouged out.

Source: giuliabeck

He is blind but finds Rapunzel and their twins after years. Rapunzel's tears heal his blindness, and they live happily together.

Source: Disney

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