30 People Who Are Head Over Heels For A Totally Strange Cat

Have you ever spotted a little kitty on the road and suddenly feel an amazingly strong bond with them? Well, that happens a lot. It only takes a few seconds to fall in love, and the same goes for any cute creature we meet on our way. We might haven't known them yet, but they can always capture our hearts in the most adorable way pawsible.
Here are 30 lovely stories of 30 people who came across an endearing cat and immediately fell head over heels for them, shared by members of r/notmycat community on Reddit. Just scroll down and take a look, these pictures are guaranteed to warm your heart and brighten up your day.

#1. I am not a cat person, but Marcy seems determined to change that. She visits every day. I’ve since bought her treats and a mousey toy.

Source: SteveTheViking

#2. It is my hammock. It is not my cat.

Source: I_See_You_Stories

#3. She was kicked out and chose our neighbors as her new owners, she‘s usually shy, but today I managed to approach and touch her. She gave me lots of head bumps in exchange for some treats.

Source: black_beads

#4. Cat lost on Swiss mountain follows hikers to 10,000ft summit.

Source: StatePossible2222

#5. This lovely boy has started visiting daily and I can never resist giving treats and hugs.

Source: GJ_JG

#6. Neighbor notmycat just wanted a warm house and box to get out of the rain. Happy to provide.

Source: rranyard

#7. Get daily visits from this cat. No idea whose he is - wish he was mine.

Source: cogsworth1313

#8. Found this Notmycat this morning, 8 hours later I can safely say we are removing the “not”.

Source: Nijixx

#9. You warm and comfy there, mate? My fireplace, not my cat. (Secretly very stoked for the company though).

Source: AnythingWithGloves

#10. Kitties from my Greek vacation, how I wish I could take them home with me.

Source: Calliss

#11. Our cat Austin went missing and made a friend, she visits every day and (basically) lives on our porch now. Today she came inside for our first social-distance hangout.

Source: blakeco123

#12. Extremely friendly cat met whilst out this morning.

Source: arandomstr1ng

#13. Heartbroken I couldn’t bring my cat with me to England. First day there, this guy lets himself into my house.

Source: bayougirl

#14. Not my cat visits once in a while for some pets. Picked him up and put him on my lap for some pets and he drooled all over my housecoat.

Source: xpulsedj

#15. This is our neighbor's cat, still love her though.

Source: Aaron123111

#16. My friend has just moved into a new house. They opened the blinds this morning and was greeted by this little beauty.

Source: pdew72

#17. The neighbor’s Siamese cat has some kind of cold. I caught him mid-sneeze. Don’t scroll without saying ‘bless you’.

Source: cieraeliza

#18. Mystery calico girl keeps showing up at our place!

Source: ahlsv1

#19. Notmycat showed up in 2009... Never left...

Source: tnucnoobab

#20. This is Daisy. She started visiting my house every day about a month ago. She would even spend the night with me. Once I located her owners, they told me that they were interested in rehoming her. She’s not “not my cat” anymore, and I am so in love with her!

Source: psychjewell

#21. Not my cat is now my cat.

Source: tinamarkoe

#22. A year a go my uncle had to go to the hospital, when he came back she was his new roommate.

Source: a-dlop1729

#23. My neighbors’ cat, Madi. she loves me, whenever she sees me sitting outside she runs up and sits on my lap.

Source: arlosuhr

#24. This is Agnes. He is not my cat. He sleeps in my garage when it rains. And when it doesn't.

Source: MeanAssMIL

#25. Met notmycat in our new garden. I wish he came with the house!

Source: IvyWP

#26. Friendly cat at the local Starbucks.

Source: jennoodlehero

#27. This notmycat followed me home! Hopefully we can find who he belongs to, or else he's about to belong in r/nowmycat.

Source: PinkSilkLaces

#28. He brought me a frog at 3am for my birthday.

Source: pxtal13

#29. Found a very ill stray cat, nursed him back to health and now all of his friends come over to hang out.

Source: Neighborhood_Nobody

#30. We moved our stuff into the new house today and met notmycat again - she claimed hubby's laps this time and did not want to leave! Neighbors told us she's nottheircat either. Now we really want to adopt her!

Source: IvyWP

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