12 Disney Movie Characters Who Were Inspired By Real Life People

We are sure that you have seen at least a movie of Disney. Some of the movies have made a huge impact on your childhood, and many of their characters have become your favorites. However, something you may not know is that many of them were in fact based on people in real life and in some cases, famous people.
It is not surprising that animators of Disney often uses real-life references to make the characters look and act more realistic on screen. These people gave the inspiration the animators to bring each character to our favorite movies.
In this post, we would like to show you a few of the Disney characters that were inspired by real people. Scroll down to check for yourself! Some celebrities didn't even know that these characters were modeled after them.

#1 The 4 vultures — The Beatles

Source: © The Jungle Book / Disney, © Parlophone Music Sweden / Wikimedia

#2 Maleficent — Eleanor Audley

Source: © The Sleeping Beauty / Disney, © Wikipedia

#3 Jessica Rabbit — Rita Hayworth

Source: © Who Framed Roger Rabbit? / Amblin Entertainment, © Bob Coburn / Wikimedia

#4 The Mad Hatter — Ed Wynn

Source: © Alice in Wonderland / Disney, © Wikimedia

#5 Edna Moda — Linda Hunt

Source: © The Incredibles / Disney, © Wikimedia

#6 Scat Cat — Louis Armstrong

Source: © The Aristocats / Disney, © Wikimedia

#7 Dr. Facilier — Michael Jackson

Source: © The Princess and the Frog / Disney, © Alan Light / Wikimedia

#8 Ariel — Alyssa Milano

Source: © The Little Mermaid / Disney, © Luigi Novi / Wikimedia

#9 Ursula — Divine

Source: © The Little Mermaid / Disney, © Wikimedia

#10 Alice — Kathryn Beaumont

Source: © Alice in wonderland / Disney, © JJerms2 / imgur

#11 Cruella de Vil — Tallulah Bankhead

Source: © 101 Dalmatians / Disney, © Talbot / Wikimedia

#12 Snow White — Marge Champion

Source: © Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs / Disney, © Wikimedia

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