20 Restaurants That Make People Think They Are Just Crazy

It is not easy for any business to stand out these days. With the development of modern life, business owners need to create special things that can draw customer's attention. And in an attempt to impress clients, some restaurant owners come up with strange ways to serve their food. They take the dining experience to a new level. But actually, they have gone a little bit too far, making people wonder what on earth they are doing. Serving food straight on diner’s hands? Seriously.
We Want Plates is a community created for a particular purpose that they want restaurants to serve food on actual plates, not on something like a tire or a rusty bucket. And thanks to them, the internet users have a chance to see hilariously bizarre ways some restaurants serving their food. We appreciate their effort in impressing us. However, it’s just too much.

#1. The croquette in the iron mask.

Source: izzygomes

#2. A glass of pasta! Upside down!

Source: VinWing13

#3. This classic shovel plate.

Source: deodit

#4. Spaghetti-no.

Source: sarahdara

#5. Pasta, sauce, bread. In a wire cone.

Source: AI_YA

#6. Flattened chips due to the weight. But why?

Source: EverFinch

#7. On a cleaver... And they might think that it's clever.

Source: kolli299

#8. A bottle of fish.

Source: oli1904

#9. Soup in a burnt cabbage.

Source: Thunder_Tree

#10. Breakfast in an egg carton. What?

Source: Vastylez

#11. So this is a rusty bucket.

Source: mezzoforte24

#12. Why sugar the lid?

Source: NoBid9404

#13. But we want tables.

Source: Bragisson

#14. Steak pie in a jar…

Source: jml1877

#15. A tire. Why not.

Source: fndo84

#16. One ice cream came in a little metal tub, but one came in a little plastic wheelbarrow.

Source: lazycarrotcake

#17. Serving fish on fish bones.

Source: mmajamm

#18. OMG. No.

Source: dabuttmonkee

#19. This would be embarrassing.

Source: kooshetty

#20. The juices dripped onto the customer's legs through that nice crack in the board.

Source: Platinumtide

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