Russian Artist Gives Classic Disney Princesses Modern Mom Makeovers, And The Results Make Us Grush Over

Meet Oksana Pashchenko, the Russian artist who has become famous on Instagram for her creative reimagining of Disney princesses. Previously, she reimagined Disney princesses as modern pregnant mothers, and now, she depicts them with their little tots in tow and gives them modern mom makeovers. We’ve never seen these princesses like this before. Frankly each illustration she made is charming and lovely.
After she shared this series on Instagram, Disney fans all around the world couldn't get enough of them. Here are some illustrations depicting the most popular Disney princesses with their babies. Scroll down to check them out, and follow Pashchenko on Instagram to keep up with her latest creations. We are sure that you will love her magical Disney series.

#1 Princess Ariel / The Little Mermaid

Source: goldoxi21

#2 Belle / Beauty and the Beast

Source: goldoxi22

#3 Pocahontas

Source: goldoxi23

#4 Cinderella

Source: goldoxi24

#5 Princess Tiana / The Princess and the Frog

Source: goldoxi25

#6 Snow White

Source: goldoxi26

#7 Princess Aurora / Sleeping Beauty

Source: goldoxi27

#8 Princess Jasmine / Aladdin

Source: goldoxi28

#9 Mulan

Source: goldoxi29

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