Single Mom Demands That Swimming Instructor Teach Her Son For Free And Exclusively

Being a parent is always hard, and it’s even much harder when you are a single mom or dad. You want the best things for your kid, and everyone understands that. But it does not mean that you can be a mean person who has no respect for others.
A swimming instructor from Southern India was very kind as she voluntarily spent her spare time teaching swimming to kids for free. However, her kindness was not appreciated as it should be. The teacher shared the exchange of her and a single mom, who unreasonably demanded free and private lessons for her son.
From demands to blames the world and even threatens the life of her child, the rude mom tried every way to force the teacher to give her what she wanted.

It started as a normal conversation.

The swimming teacher, known as Reddit user u/pretent_its_witty, referred to the single mother as 'Aunty'. In India, this is the word for women to call their elder people.

Some thoughts of the internet users.

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