Pixar Animation: 5 Villains That You Didn't Expect

Despite the fact that Pixar films are aimed toward children, they nevertheless contain some very evil characters. For those who do not know, Pixar films encompass a broad spectrum of bizarre locations and weird concepts. A world where automobiles have mostly replaced humans, a planet overrun with monsters, and a mystical country of the dead await you on your adventure. It's only natural that there would be a various cast of antagonists to match. All of Pixar's villains in their films were incredibly well represented by the studio.
Although the reveal of the villain might occasionally be built up throughout the movie, it's very easy for the audience to understand which characters to cheer for and which of them to despise. Some villains are simply rude to the heroes and get in their way, while others are intentionally evil for the sheer joy of harming the heroes. Any Pixar movie with a villain of any kind will have them. These are a number of the foremost heinous characters to ever appear during a Pixar film.

#5 Muntz - “Up”

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The primary villain of "Up" (2009) is Charles F. Muntz. He is a famous explorer admired by Carl and Ellie as children. During his prime, Muntz was a charming, shrewd, and fearless young man whose quest for adventure inspired many followers.

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However, Muntz was devastated by his pursuit for the bird that had brought him shame.

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Now a phantom of his old self, he turned into a cruel man who was driven by resentment and paranoia, believing that everybody who came into contact with him was out to get the bird.

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#4 Henry J. Waternoose III - "Monsters, Inc"

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Henry J. Waternoose III is the main antagonist of "Monsters, Inc". As the CEO of Monsters, Incorporated, Waternoose devoted his life to ensuring the growth and stability of his company. In order to save his firm from bankruptcy, Waternoose concocts a scheme with Randall Boggs that puts the lives of human infants in jeopardy.

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#3 Randall Boggs - "Monsters, Inc"

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A chameleon/gecko-like creature, Randall is sarcastic and vengeful, and he's envious of James P. Sullivan, the city's favorite scarer.

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As a way to establish a name for himself while also stealing Sullivan's attention, Randall devises a conspiracy to "revolutionize" the scare industry by snatching human children.

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#2 Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear or Lotso - “Toy Story 3”

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Lotso appeared to be the usual soft teddy bear persona at first glance, loving, inviting, and pleasant. When the toys first came at Sunnyside Daycare, he hugged Buzz Lightyear and had a strawberry-scented beard.

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However, the real Lotso is a cruel, vicious, sadistic, mocking, scheming, crafty, rage-driven tyrant and jail warden who rules Sunnyside with an iron grip and imprisons new toys in the Caterpillar Room where they endure irresponsible young children, while he rests luxuriously in the Butterfly Room.

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#1 Stinky Pete - “ Toy Story 2”

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When he first appeared, Stinky Pete served as an endearing grandpa figure who offered guidance and encouragement to Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye during the first half of the film.

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However, this only served to mask his actual character traits of intelligence, cunning, and resentment. To keep Woody away from Andy's house and from finding Jessie, he discreetly turned on the television to wake Al up. He then blamed Jessie for Woody's escape, even though he was hiding his true self.

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