5 Cutest Pixar Characters That Make Our Hearts Melt

Here we rank our top 5 cutest characters that make our hearts melt. Is your favorite character on this list? Are there any other cute Pixar characters? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

5 Cute Pixar Characters That Make Our Hearts Melt

Ever since Toy Story introduced audiences to the joys of bickering action figures over 20 years ago, Pixar has continually created many characters with humanity, a sense of humor, and a lot of cuteness.

#5 Wall-E

5 Cute Pixar Characters That Make Our Hearts Melt 5 Cute Pixar Characters That Make Our Hearts Melt

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Wall-E is the main character in an animated film of the same name by Pixar (2008). This old robot has been given the mission of cleaning up massive amounts of rubbish on deserted Earth.

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Wall-E inadvertently encounters and develops affections for the modern robot lady EVE one day. Then they went on an extraordinary voyage into outer space and forever changed the fate of mankind...

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Despite the fact that it is an animated film with little language, the character's eyes, humorous movements, and sentiments have inspired sympathy in the audience.

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#4 Dug

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In "Up" (2009)  Dug is one of the three protagonists. He's also been in "Dug's Special Mission" (2009) and the Disney+ series "Dug's Days" (2013)

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Charles Muntz's golden retriever, Dug, belongs to Charles. He's a happy-go-lucky dog who uses a unique collar to transform his thoughts into words and communicate in English. Dug becomes enamored with Carl after meeting him and considers him to be his master. In the end, he switches sides and helps Carl, Russell, and Kevin.

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Dug is a happy, outgoing dog that is always kind. He has a soft spot for nearly everyone he meets. He's also a stickler for the rules, yet he can be a snob at times.

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#3 Alec Azam

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Alec Azam, the white rabbit from the short film"Presto" (2008), is Presto DiGiotagione's pet. Before the program begins, Presto is unable to feed Alec since he forgot. Everything in the dressing room goes into the magic hat and comes out of the stage hat when it's used.

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Alec cleverly turns the hat's magic against his master and on the other hand, Presto antagonizes Alec. Fortunately, the audience interprets these shenanigans and applauds with increasing approval.

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#2 Jack Jack

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As an animated superhero film, "The Incredibles" was surprising when it first came out. It told the story of a group of superheroes who have to learn to trust each other and work together to survive.

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The infant Jack-Jack was the only one in the family without special abilities in the first film. After that film, however, his abilities were exposed, and he went on to establish himself not only to be the prettiest but also the most powerful character in the franchise.

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#1 Boo

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"Monsters Inc" is one of the foremost cherished films of all time. The movie was about a few worlds inhabited by monsters that relied on the screams of youngsters to fuel their empire. This is often the difficulty that the monsters are here to solve: to frighten children in order that their world may still function.

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5 Cute Pixar Characters That Make Our Hearts MeltSource: Printerest

As a result of Sulley unintentionally letting a person's kid named Boo into the fear zone. Mike and his pals resolve to save lots of her the monsters responsible sacrifice her to guard their world. Boo may be a two-year-old female child who loves the large cuddly Sully, and he couldn't help but fall for the lovable female child also.

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