10 Fun Facts Of Disney Cartoon Zootopia That Will Surprise You

Zootopia is one of Disney's most successful animated series about talking animals. Those pets are not only animals wearing human costumes, but they also act like humans. After only 10 days of release, the film reached 500 million USD. The animation, voice acting, characters, humor, screenplay, themes about prejudice and social stereotypes all got high appreciation from critics.
Additionally, this hit Disney movie has a lot of interesting things behind the scenes that you probably haven’t known yet. Let's discover together now! Here are 10 interesting facts about the characters and the process of creating them in Zootopia:

#1 The appearance of Mayor Lionheart was inspired by King Mufasa of the Lion King.

Source: Fandom

#2 64 different animals appear in the movie.

Source: The Cinema Files

#3 80% of the character designs were not used for the movie.

Source: Disney

#4 Bellwether - Assistant to the Mayor was inspired by the lambs from the preceding Disney Movies “Make Mine Music” and “Melody Time”.

Source: Fandom

#5 The fur of the animals in Zootopia was designed to look exactly like the animals in real life. For example, polar bears have white fur, foxes have dark brown fur at the base and fade to red at the tips.

Source: Complex

#6 Although artists were aware that real rabbits have a split upper lip, they kept Judy's lip intact.

Source: Rezirb

#7 The wildebeest in the film is the same size as an average human. The ratio of a wildebeest to a mouse, on the other hand, is 1:4.

Source: Fandom

#8 There are 6 different outfits specially designed for the sheep Bellwether.

Source: Fandom

#9 Originally, the main character of the film was the fox Nick Wilde, not the rabbit Judy Hopps.

Source: Fandom

#10 With a length of 108 minutes, Zootopia is the longest Disney movie after Fantasia

Source: Dad Logic

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