Let’s Love As Gidget Does In "The Secret Life Of Pets"

Disney has been constantly releasing animated movies with the participation of fun and lovely animals. When it comes to Lion King, we come across wild animals with different characteristics. Then, on watching The Secret Life Of Pets, we are immersed in the world of cute and funny pets, as well as the funny episodes. This Disney cartoon used to be one of the Disney animated movies for children that had sold out at cinemas since it was first released in 2016. In the movie, Gidget - the white-haired puppy is considered the “messenger” to bring the audience positive messages of love.
Although in part 1 of the movie, you can see that Gidget is just a one-sided guy who likes Max, often sitting by the window to watch Max, but in part 2, they became life partners. So what did Gidget do to “conquer” Max? Let's discover the rich personality of the lovely Pomeranian dog and how she shows her love for her crush in The Secret Life Of Pets! I believe we can learn many interesting love lessons from Gidget.

#1 Love unconditionally

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Source: Its_Baboo

Although Max is always indifferent to him, Gidget is always passionate and devoted to his love for Max. She always sits at the opposite window and is "busy" watching Max all day.

#2 Never give up

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The journey to find the crush seems to have no clue. No one wants to accompany her at first, but Gidget still does not give up.

#3 Be yourself


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When showing affection for Max, Gidget is so cute that Max just wants to hug her.

#4 Be strong

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When she rescues Max from ferocious wild animals, you can agree that she is actually…more ferocious than those beasts. Gidget can defeat dozens of members of The Flushing Pets with ease.

#5 Be positive

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Gidget is always happy and positive when she is around Max. Gidget is effervescent, and she makes every effort to ensure that no one is adversely impacted by her sayings.

#6 Keep patient and love in your way

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After seeing Gidget protect him on the bridge earlier that night, Max confesses his love for her. It is a result of Gidget's persistence and interest that makes Max also fall in love with her.
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