33 Hilarious And Weird Disney Observations That Most Of Us Missed

Many of us loved Disney Movies,as kids. Needless to say, they have made our childhood worth remembering. But when we grow up, we look back on these movies and quickly spot the many funny and weird things we might have missed when we were kids. It's easy to understand because our perspective changes over time.
To give you a new perspective about Disney movies, we have compiled 33 funny and unusual insights most of us missed in Disney movies, and some of them are seriously weird. So scroll down to check the weirdest Disney observations below, and be sure to share with your friends.

#1 Imagine the depiction of the human race in an alien school book, based on his cartoons.

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#2 They were afraid of the haters.

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#3 Mind: blown!

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#4 She could just make snow white ugly though using her magic.

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#5 Furniture shopping is too scary for a kids movie.

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#6 And the biggest mobility scooter hire company in the world.

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#7 A junker and a thief

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#8 Guess he was just a shoe fetishist.

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#9 Indeed, Grimm times.

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#10 Parenting lessons.

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#11 Worked like a charm.

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#12 The Prince had no accent as well.

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#13 "I wonder how long it took her to learn to lace her shoes..."

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#14 But then again, the movie wouldn't have happened.

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#15 Also she could have just written down what was happening...

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#16 No, at least half aren't evil, they're dead.

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#17 It's a charmed shoe customised to fit her foot only. Duh...

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#18 Did they have toilets back then?

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#19 You have to find Maic for yourself, Magic cant be just "Handed to You"!!

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#20 Definitely a pain to wash and dry.

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#21 21st a bit hard. Safaris, cameras, poachers.

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#22 It’s the standard trap of moving to management role.

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#23 Speaking from experience, she would not have been able to save China or her back.

Source: lucentnargacuga

#24 .... Think about it.

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#25 I'm still a bit weirded out by how the beast was more attractive than the prince.

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#26 2 hours story to sell a lamp. Not a good plan.

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#27 But... wood he?

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#28 This is hilarious!

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#29 That's what we love about it.

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#30 Won't it just based on what he THINKS to be the truth or not?

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#31 .... philosophical.

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#32 "Things were different back then."

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#33 Repeat joke.

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