Capture 15 Funny Moments Of A Leo During Quarantine

Being stuck in quarantine can get quite boring but that is the time we can spend time caring for ourselves and our beloved people. In astrology, each zodiac sign has its own ways to react to the state of lockdown. While some may choose to face adversity by learning new recipes, taking up a new habit, or finishing a list of must-read books, others may choose to complain or lie in bed all day with boring and lonely feelings.
Owning the proud, extrovert personality, Leo can face a lot of problems when being stuck in quarantine. The coronavirus lockdown seems to be the captivity time to Leos that makes them itch to get out and even easily foam with the rage of everything. If you are curious about a Leo during quarantine, here are 15 funny moments of these lions when being detained due to the coronavirus pandemic. Let's scroll and have a look.

#1 It's time for Leos to pamper themselves.

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#2 Is that true?

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#3 Shopping online is the favorite habit of Leo.

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#4 Leo loves to take photo shoots.

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#5 "Yah I need to try some new makeup concepts."

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#6 Music is Leo's life.

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#7 "What about trying a layer short hair."

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#8 "My life is quite interesting."

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#9 "Let try some dishes from the best chef."

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#10 "My life is flooded by happiness."

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#11 Leo will ask friends to choose the best selfie from 50 different ones.

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#12 "Hello, I wish you knew I had such a boring time."

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#13 Tag a Leo.

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#14 Can you relate?

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#15 Sometimes, Leo can change up to 10 outfits a day.

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