15 Side-By-Side Pics Showing Reality Vs. Unrealistic Looks On Instagram

Browsing social media every day, you will see that almost everything on these flatforms looks way too perfect, especially on Instagram. It’s okay if you want to share your best images with the world, but some people take it to the extreme when they edit their photos to have ridiculously unrealistic looks. The world itself is imperfect, yet humans somehow still try to pursue virtual flawlessness in one way or another. And when it comes to taking pictures, they start depending much on filters and photoshop.
We have collected some side-by-side photos showing the big difference between Instagram pics compared to reality. Just another angle, poor lighting, bad makeup, or even a shadow can totally give their real appearances away. Scroll down to check.

#1. "She posted this herself"

Source: tinysighs

#2. "Her own Instagram vs tagged photo"

Source: damnwhatanasshole

#3. "That moment when your eyebrow glitches through your hat"

Source: Eddy_Wapp_

#4. "Spanish singer caught "cloning" his audience to make it look as if the concert was packed"

Source: gone11gone11

#5. "Lips fillers Insta vs Paparazzi"

Source: throwabigaill

#6. "How do you breath?"

Source: DismalRae

#7. "Instagram vs court date"


#8. "Posted vs tagged. She is always making her waist tiny and editing her arms to create a muscular build"

Source: bananapineapples

#9. "Finnish influencer's ig page vs video"

Source: rockonrudy

#10. "Excuse me"

Source: runescape_girlfreind

#11. "Girl on the right has been stealing other models entire bodies for her Instagram page"


#12. "Instagram vs video"

Source: essinwonderland

#13. "Looks legit"

Source: seanceknowles

#14. "Kylie Jenner (same day on Instagram vs on TV)"

Source: nokia621

#15. "The power of makeup and filters"

Source: nokia621

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