Hilarious Office Memes That Every Office Employee Will Relate To

Working at least 8 hours per day at the office is sometimes so stressful. We have to face many things at our office every day such as new tasks from the boss, questions from annoying customers, hundreds of emails and messages, and some not-happy things from our co-workers. We really need something to help us overcome all those boring stuff.

So today, we would like to share 20 funny office memes that every office employee can relate to. I also see myself in some of these pics. Are you feeling stuck at busy work? Flipping through this list will be the best way for you to spice up your mood. Believe me.

Ah, share this post with your friends to get more fun, but don’t show your boss, lol.

#1. Not my business

#2. Uhm... A little too much

#3. Isn't it?

#4. Eat first

#5. No. Way

#6. You see my messy hair?

#7. Pleaseee

#8. It'd better not to take the day off

#9. And with my phone

#10. Fact

#11. Actually, it's everyday

#12. Someone helps me plz

#13. True

#14. What's she talking to him? Something bad about me?

#15. What on earth is he saying?

#16. The lazy always complains

#17. Day by day

#18. Don't want to

#19. I didn't choose it at the beginning

#20. Nothing more, sir. I quit my job

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