21 Clever Life Hacks Showing That Human Creativity Has No Limits

There are always obstacles that make our daily life more difficult. Sometimes we find it hard to change the situation like we do not have tools to fix it or do not have enough money for other choices, and then we want to give it up. But that’s not the best solution since we can always find a way to solve the problem. At least we can make it better, even when it may look or sound stupid. All we need is a bit of creativity and the right attitude. Nothing is impossible, they said.

To show that overcoming difficulties is not hard as you may think, we have rounded up some examples of clever life hacks to help your life much easier. Don’t hesitate to implement the idea you come up with because it may bring you unexpectedly positive results. And remember that: If it’s stupid but works, it ain’t stupid.

#1. "You can connect two ziplock bags by flipping one inside out to make a larger one"

Source: Vega_128

#2. "Changed the one earphone rubber to black. Black is right, white left, to quickly see which is which"

Source: mankaden

#3. "My husband made this book-holder-opener for me to ease hand cramping"

Source: Nextdy

#4. "Got her spayed and the vet didn’t have cones small enough"

Source: cplog991

#5. "My grandpa uses the actual hardware for labeling the drawers"

Source: Zandor8000

#6. "Crazy sore muscles but no bathtub? Improvise. Adapt. Overcome."

Source: Anna_Banananana

#7. "In Queensland we get a lot of insects who escape the heat by getting inside via the drains. My wife had this idea as a barrier. Those are stocking socks"

Source: clag

#8. "If you're like me and have a broken laptop hinge..."

Source: griffinonthego

#9. "When your phone touch is broken"

Source: K_Tenshi

#10. "My Dog Rolo has always been a messy drinker, my girlfriend turned his water bowl into a moss garden to keep the place tidy"

Source: TheSquireOfTheShire

#11. "This gentleman at Target who reversed his hooded sweatshirt to make a puppy pocket"


#12. "My grandma’s technique for cooking with hot oil"

Source: ItsMe_YO

#13. "New safe browsing accessory"

Source: beenbannedb4

#14. "To remove strong adhesive labels from plastic containers, simply leave the containers in the freezer for a few hours first. The stickers will peel off with ease"

Source: brokenchemicalbonds

#15. "I wanted natural light in a basement that has no windows. Paid $10 for two old windows. Painted them, frosted the glass, installed them into my wall with 12” LED flat panel lights behind them. Now it’s always 2pm at the basement bar"

Source: ZZbrew

#16. "Someone at my work created a clock out of two cups to keep track of how fresh the coffee is"

Source: spaced_bar

#17. "My dad’s got splattered with bleach, he decided to fix w/ more. I found it adorable"

Source: o0geck0o

#18. "Putting together furniture? Use some of its styrofoam packaging for keeping small parts from disappearing"

Source: cute-e-lad

#19. "Friend's sister lost her car key while jogging, someone else made sure she found it"

Source: Majestic_Beard

#20. "After repeating 6 times that I want to cancel my Comcast Xfinity, I finally figured out how to get them to stop arguing and actually do what I asked

Source: BaseballFan2019

#21. "Hand sewing a 1/4" hem and I hate juggling the ruler"

Source: AutumnRaeElizabeth

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