33 Women Who Enjoy A Razor-Free Life To The Fullest

It's believed that women who wanted to be seen as feminine and attractive had to get their body hair removed. As a result, women have been trying to deal with body hair removal since Ancient Egypt. But time passes, and things change. Human body hair is no longer an issue for them. Nowadays, many modern women are deciding to embrace their body hair and enjoy a razor-free life. And they share that they have never been more comfortable in their natural state than before.
Women around the world are posting their pictures about their razor-free life on the r/razorfree subreddit. For those who don't know, this online group was created to normalize female body hair. A lot of women have become more confident about themselves and their body hair. We have collected some of the best pics of this group for you. Scroll down and have a look.

#1. Someone I know relaxing

Source: natlori2005

#2. I found a safe space for a girl like me. I keep my upper lip hair - ever since I was a young girl. It has never bothered me but it always has bothered some other (close-minded) people

Source: nuevocaine_

#3. I was out shopping today when a guy noticed my legs and paid me a compliment. It made my day. Has anyone else experienced something similar?

Source: reddit

#4. The 70s called, they want their shag back

Source: horny_hippie_

#5. A lil further contribution to the subreddit and how society en masse needs to accept women have hair too!

Source: nuevocaine_

#6. Just enjoy this life

Source: sophiahadjipanteli

#7. My body hair makes me feel so confident with myself! I wish society was more open to women not shaving

Source: cherryishairy

#8. Happy Easter

Source: quazarissimus

#9. Feelin myself

Source: deeerlord

#10. Soft and cuddly bumble bee legs

Source: SunbutterQueen

#11. I love being unshaved, freedom!

Source: hairyballerina

#12. Natural light, natural body

Source: pansyisinsane

#13. Happy thankstaking

Source: empressasha777

#14. Spring outfits and fuzzy armpits

Source: _justs0megirl

#15. Soft and dreamy

Source: hotyolk

#16. Feeling free

Source: Ponyhairy

#17. Razor free for 2 years

Source: hopefullynotab*tch

#18. Keep on smiling

Source: digital_burrito_baby

#19. Loving my fuzzy legs

Source: mamithickness

#20. I can’t wait to show off my hairy body this summer!

Razor-Free LifeSource: Holiday36

#21. It’s a beautiful day to embrace your natural body

Razor-Free LifeSource: hairylilswitch1996

#22. Just dipped in the pool

Razor-Free LifeSource: horny_hippie_

#23. When you don't take criticism well and someone comments on your pit hair...

Razor-Free LifeSource: decoyred

#24. Lazy Sunday

Razor-Free LifeSource: reddit

#25. I haven’t shaved since Feb 10, 2020

Razor-Free LifeSource: ElfToesOnlyFans

#26. Sophia Hadjipanteli, hair positivity model

Razor-Free LifeSource: Thepinkknitter

#27. I love this pic. It’s probably one of my favorite expressions of self-love. I was doing some stretching up against the wall and was struck by how beautiful our bodies are

Razor-Free LifeSource: FetishFodder

#28. Flowers and sunshine

Razor-Free LifeSource: CamgirlMVM

#29. I love how this sub is such a great platform for true female empowerment. Here's my contribution!

Razor-Free LifeSource: Own-Dragonfruit3179

#30. Cotton candy!

Razor-Free LifeSource: complitstudent

#31. Longing for summer and sleeveless dresses again

Razor-Free LifeSource: FetishFodder

#32. These are probably my favorite pics of my leg hair. Don’t mind the tan lines on my feet

Razor-Free LifeSource: FetishFodder

#33. Frida Kahlo, an inspiration

Razor-Free LifeSource: Thepinkknitter

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