35 Times People Spotted "Accidental Surrealism" In Real Life And Had To Share With Others

Have you ever spotted anything dream-like and unexpected? We are sure that if you pay close attention to the world around you, you have probably stumbled upon them at least once. But if you haven't already, visit the Facebook group called Accidental Surrealism. About 140k members from all over the world constantly dedicate their time to sharing surreal images of things, animals, and people they come across by accident. And those pics will make you can't take your eyes off them.
For your convenience, we have collected some of the most unbelievable pictures that will make you do a double-take. Scroll down to check them out and vote for your favs. If you want to own some for yourself, it’s easy. All you have to do is look around you and catch the perfect timing for taking a great snap.

#1. The tiger has false eyes on its back to ward off predators

Source: Cary Rodmell

#2. Wholesome surrealism!

Source: John Dykstra

#3. Do not approach, just leave him be. He's mostly harmless

Source: Marcus Agrippa

#4. Wow!

Source: Jake Alvarez

#5. Disco chicken!

Source: Daniel Heriberto Palencia Arreola

#6. Worldwide Logistic

Source: Sam Marner

#7. Lol

Source: Wannabe Food

#8. Stumbled upon this lost somewhere in the Costa Rican jungle

Source: Clémence Lafeuille

#9. Mt. Rainier, Washington

Source: Corey Perrine

#10. Creepy

Source: Sebastián Bevans

#11. Spider birb

Source: Darrah Dawson Miller

#12. Bubble goggles

Source: Hannah Lee

#13. The speed limit sign in Mustang, Oklahoma

Source: Avantgardens

#14. She wants to be the centaur of attention

Source: Tina Turnschuh

#15. When your Jeep is just as upset as you are about the weather

Source: Daniel Ezra Lighthizer

#16. Everything is wireless these days

Source: John Kornas

#17. Flying ship

Source: Josh Bobian

#18. Great catch

Source: Chill Tent

#19. Not fully charged vs charged

Accidental SurrealismSource: Lassy Garret

#20. Evolution

Accidental SurrealismSource: Courtney Archuletta

#21. Hilarious

Accidental SurrealismSource: Awkward Family Photos

#22. Why

Accidental SurrealismSource: Sourajyoti Ghosh

#23. It's so cute how proudly they hold tiny hands

Accidental SurrealismSource: MMA PACK

#24. Honey the cat got into the portal again

Accidental SurrealismSource: Take meow hand

#25. 0-0 uh maam

Accidental SurrealismSource: Dee Harris

#26. Wth?!

Accidental SurrealismSource: Bill Edwardson

#27. Oh no

Accidental SurrealismSource: Achref Amer

#28. She must've been really mad

Accidental SurrealismSource: Milan Szep

#29. Snake pope

Accidental SurrealismSource: Ebaum's World

#30. This cake

Accidental SurrealismSource: Zack Coleman

#31. Swish and Revolution by V. I. Lenin

Accidental SurrealismSource: Jennifer Randall

#32. He loses his temper

Accidental SurrealismSource: Raissa Palumbo

#33. ITALIAN PROSCIUTTO (Parma, Italy) ?

Accidental SurrealismSource: ITALY & Italian Food

#34. He was destined for this job

Accidental SurrealismSource: Bruno Molina

#35. I've no idea what's going on here. But it's very surreal

Accidental SurrealismSource: Peter Higgins

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