35 Poorly Designed Items That Look Like They Are Dirty, But Aren't

For some reasons that we can't get, some designers create products that intentionally look dirty. And we have compiled a mega list of 35 pictures of poorly designed items, from the dirty BIO folk that looks like it's moldy to the backpack that looks like having bird poop on it. Instead of designing products that are useful and attractive for customers, these designers created questionable and crappy items that make us question, "What was going on in their minds?"
These poorly-designed items are from the r/CrappyDesign subreddit. And this online group is for people from all over the world to share the dirty-looking items they have in their houses or have spotted in restaurants or supermarkets. Now, take a minute to scroll down to check them out. If you have any weird and dirty-looking products, please share them with us in the comments.

#1. That BIO fork looks like it's super dirty

Source: Takimiku

#2. No, this isn’t dirty

Source: ItzLlama76

#3. This Starbucks cup’s “design” just makes the cup look dirty. The one on the right is with water

Source: Pekororo

#4. These plates that look like someone smeared poop on them

Source: Shasnas69

#5. Why would I buy a dirty cooking pot?

Source: Eloda9

#6. The style is supposed to be in "marble", but instead they just look dirty

Source: daggercats

#7. It's not dirty, that is the actual design...

Source: Princess__of__cute

#8. The design in this fake AirPod case makes it look like it’s dirty

Source: YouTube-Lexum

#9. “Marble” bathroom stalls that just look dirty

Source: ImUnfazed

#10. This "fancy" design makes the plate look super dirty (minus the crumbs)

Source: SmallIce4

#11. This plate that looks like it's dirty

Source: potatomere

#12. My coworker's whiteboard has a marble pattern on it that just serves to make it look like it's always dirty

Source: felopez

#13. This toilet seat looks like its dirty

Source: GarryBug

#14. This marbled shower at an Airbnb I stayed in

Source: Finassar

#15. Silicone kitchen tools with a marble design that makes them look always dirty

Source: ViTarv

#16. Looks like your plate will always be dirty... Found in the wild at H&M

Source: SirKnightHood17

#17. Not a dirty plate

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: Gam1ngUniverse

#18. The plates and bowls at a local restaurant. Not only do they permantly look dirty but the smears are raised so they also feel like they are dirty

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: SketchySandwich

#19. The design of these plates at a restaurant makes it look like they are dirty

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: Jetwynn

#20. These painted “soap bubbles” just make it look like the soap dispenser is dirty

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: AmericaRUserious

#21. Berlin airport floor pattern makes it look dirty

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: babygirlruth

#22. Its not dirty, it is the design on the plate. Found it at a local restaurant

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: dynaz3r0

#23. This elevator carpet design (it’s not dirty)

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: Sanda_Quaza35

#24. The design on the tiles makes it look covered in bird poop

Source: Hazards-of-Love

#25. Crappy rug design

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: DollyDewlap

#26. Backpack design

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: alvin03an

#27. This skirt that always looks dirty

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: voyager_husky

#28. This mirror that’s designed to look dirty

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: Sideshow_Rissi

#29. These tiles are designed to look dirty?

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: fulminic

#30. These tiles in the clinic that look like they’re moldy/dirty but were just made to look that way

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: Fatalfate01

#31. Dirty looking clean bowls

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: Rhyso1818

#32. This shirt that looks like it’s dirty

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: Hummus_Bird

#33. 5-star hotel has these "clean" looking coffee cups

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: DestroyerOfDucks

#34. This towel looks like it was used to clean a murder scene. Also, check the price tag

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: beep41

#35. This table design that makes it look like there are crumbs on it even when it's clean

Poorly Designed ItemsSource: AshDev0813

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