35+ Hilarious Unexpected Moments Of Dogs Being Unexplainably Confusing

Dogs are joyful and playful. Their reasons for behaviors are obvious. They wag their tales when they are interested and jump around when excited. Many pups love to be with people, while some others are timid. Dogs have the energy to enlighten the day and simplify life. Above all, they see their owners as their whole world.
However, these woofing creatures are not always friendly and full of grace. They might get aggressive, hurt, or throw tantrums. We know cats are mysterious and usually act strangely. What about dogs being unexplainable? What do they mean by a never-before facial expression and body gesture? Do they ever desire to be cute little dominators instead of obedient tiny buddies?
From time to time, our four-pawed wagging-tail friends behave too weirdly to understand and make us afraid that something went wrong with them. Here are those hilarious moments.

#1. "My brother’s dog doesn’t know how to use a fire hydrant"

Source: u/Shaneblaster

#2. "Static electricity what? I am just born with it"

Source: u/I_na_na

#3. "Where's my food?"

Source: u/equablyinjure14

#4. Of all the positions he could be in, he chose this one.

Source: u/ManonMasser

#5. "He was laying in my lap, then he flopped over and made this face."

Source: u/ally-sha

#6. ???no ears allowed???

Source: u/pastelpinkdildo

#7. Behold, the mud beast!

Source: u/CatholicCockney

#8. "I was making a snack after putting Odin to bed and heard a sound behind me."

Source: u/Kaziticus

#9. The radar malfunctioned a bit after experiencing sub-zero temps for the first time. He was like this for an hour.

Source: u/LaunchesKayaks

#10. Definitely the cutest dog in the tree.

Source: u/Fluffydress

#11. "She won't eat her food until I pretend to eat it first."

Source: reddit

#12. "That's my car. That's not my dog."

Source: u/firew0rks_

#13. The seat is lava

Source: u/Over_Amphibian7304

#14. "We haven’t crated him in probably 5 years. The crate is actually out for a foster dog."

Source: reddit

#15. "Excuse me? Blep! That is all. Thank you." -Ace

Source: u/00-MKZ-00

#16. "Spotted this Husky while out for a walk"

Source: u/synthesezia

#17. Snax?

Source: u/buttcrackinvader

#18. Be not afraid

Source: u/rivchamp

#19. "Hey, where are we going? And is there bacon there?"

Source: u/xFart_For_Me

#20. "Accidentally woke my stepmom’s dog from a nap and got the dirtiest look for it"

Source: u/MySonIsAFrog

#21. Basically how he looks 98% of the time

Source: u/Lerk_Jerk

#22. Comfy sits

Source: u/citylikeAMradio

#23. It's hammer time!

Source: u/wolfpack0686

#24. Which one ate a pound of ham? (The poodle for sure:))

Source: u/scottyperry

#25. Boyfriend's dog insisted on taking his Yorkshire pudding on his walk

Source: u/Xenthe666

#26. Crate trained right out of the box

Source: u/Jeeth24

#27. "I know it’s cold outside, but this isn’t the answer, Betty"

Source: u/OCbrunetteesq

#28. "His reaction to an unfamiliar deep voice on my porch..."

Source: u/ManU1423

#29. Mastering yoga since the day he was born

Source: u/generalinstructions

#30. There are only two dogs in this photo

Source: u/leonmo

#31. Constant crazy eyes with this one

Source: u/LtThunderpants

#32. "My GF pets my dog and he looks at me like this"

Source: u/bustyodust

#33. "That's the most normal photo pose of my dog, your thoughts?"

Source: u/MrPechivko

#34. "Made my dog some pants today just for fun. She is not amused, I find it hilarious." (What's wrong with my owner?)

Source: u/dearthofkindness

#35. Does anyone else's dog eat like this?

Source: u/chasinhot

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