35+ Hilarious Moments Of Bears Doing Adorable and Ridiculous Things

Strong bears sure are big brothers of the woods. They are dangerous and furious when hungry or feeling invaded. Thanks to their intimidating appearance and powerful muscles, they aren't messed with by any wild animal. Still, we know that mother nature never creates any being perfectly majestic.
Those terrifying grizzly beasts are dedicating some time to derp around alone or with other fellow bears when they're not busy looking for food or sleeping. These silly moments were caught randomly by passers-by and shared on the internet. Now, bears have the chance to turn from the king of forests to the king of memes.
Normally, we don't have many opportunities to encounter a bear acting stupidly cute. So, if you don't mind, let us demonstrate how dumb one could be through this compilation!

#1. Absolute Unit Kodiak Bear

Source: kylekotajarvi

#2. Someone's Had A Beary Rough Day

Source: reddit

#3. Just Some Black Bears Eating Some Apples In The Woods

Source: John Fusco

#4. Caught The Homie On Break At The Zoo

Source: BeefSquatchKing

#5. "Officer, where can I find my mom?"

Source: internet

#6. Thinking

Source: bearmiro02

#7. "I Had This Strange Feeling I Was Being Watched"

Source: Clifford Wilson

#8. Bear Enjoying The View And Contemplating Life

Source: internet

#9. "Oh, Herro Hooman, It's Just Me, Bear"

Source: radiogunk

#10. He Could Bear-Ly Swim

Source: internet

#11. Paws To Paws

Source: 970souk

#12. Beagull

Source: Jonathan Chen

#13. "Sad Bear Popped A Hole In My Friend's Pool"

Source: MattSayar

#14. Little Bear

Source: bearmiro02

#15. Bears Having Fun

Source: Niki McGuire

#16. "This Bear Chilling In A Tree, Picture Taken Today By Myself"

Source: bricks87

#17. "This Bear Started Begging For My French Fries At The Zoo"

Source: vampfredthefrog

#18. Momma Bear Checking For The Traffic Before Letting Her Cubs Cross The Road

Source: HavingLastLaugh

#19. Check Out This Guy Just Chilling By A Lake With A Rainbow Contemplating Life

Source: OMGLMAOWTF_com

#20. Bear And Chipmunk Sharing Breakfast

Source: Beige_bear

#21. Even Bears Need To Relax Sometimes

Source: taykaybo

#22. Bears In Trees? Bears In Threes? Bears In Trees

Source: ramdom-ink

#23. "So We Got Married At The Zoo, And This Bear Had An Interesting First Look Reaction"

Source: DrBaumli

#24. "I Found Confession Bear At The Zoo Today"

Source: bigred1987

#25. "Mmm. Let's See How My Stocks Are Doing Today"

Source: internet

#26. Sleeping

Source: Greg Goebel

#27. Grizzly pilot

Source: reddit

#28. Is It A Bear Or A Dog?

Source: Economy_Albatross

#29. Well-Fed Bear From Katmai

Source: OncaAtrox

#30. Bear Looks Sarcastic

Source: RuggedlyHandsome

#31. This Bear Trying To Hide Behind A Tree Trunk

Source: sinpew

#32. Chill

Source: timlewisnm

#33. "Can't get the hooman..."

Source: Tambako The Jaguar

#34. Comfortable

Source: Arctic Wolf

#35. Huh?

Source: xrayspx

#36. Smokey The Bear

Source: katmai_bears

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