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  1. The secret is out
  2. Super Spiderman 3
  3. No, this isn’t a Simu-lation
  4. You’re still a hero, dad
  5. Marvel animals club
  6. Trust issues
  7. Marvel vs. Powerpuff
  8. Not this time, Tony
  9. Yelena, Yelena
  10. Winky promise
  11. Thor the Handyman
  12. If only we’ve seen this before…
  13. It sounds odd to us
  14. One in a Billion
  15. Not so family friendly
  16. Who took it away?
  17. Seeing the A
  18. Are we saved or ruined?
  19. The evolution of Thor
  20. It’s chilly in here
  21. Thena getting told Thanos is her cousin
  22. He’s Timeless
  23. Four pics two dudes
  24. Remind us again
  25. Wreckers of the Multiverse
  26. The new Captain America
  27. Ultron the Ultra-villain
  28. Shang-chi the Chef?
  29. A Gen-Z Spiderman
  30. Scaring Vision
  31. Only Uncle Ben
  32. A visit to the principal’s office
  33. Sorry, they didn’t listen
  34. What did you do?
  35. Wolverine x Batmen
  36. Is there a real Super Serum?
  37. The pose of champions

35+ Funny Posts By Marvel Fans

You’re not a Marvel fan unless you have strong emotions about the movies and series they release, right? That includes poking fun at the characters, the plot, or just about anything related to the show. Read on for 40 posts of hardcore Marvel fans that will surely get you nodding in agreement — or rolling on the floor laughing.


#1. The secret is out

It’s hard to keep secrets. This post is proof of the alleged return of two Spiderman actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s as the title character in the upcoming Spiderman: No Way Home movie. It’s as clear as this kid trying to hide, even if the clues were taken down.

The pictures, with one uploaded to social media and one from Andrew Garfield himself, were taken down by Sony Pictures due to a DMCA copyright. Nothing is yet set in stone but it’s more than enough to keep Marvel fans’ hope up, though.


#2. Super Spiderman 3

We’re tickled by finding clues about the possible Spiderman Trio to be individually played by actors Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland. What makes us find this photo and comment fun is that the person actually looks like the three of them all together.

Are they going to combine to make this Super Spiderman thing? Or will they become individually-suited allies, three spider heroes to save the day? Maybe one of them’s going to be a villain (or two?). We’re keeping our fingers crossed.


#3. No, this isn’t a Simu-lation

We loved Simu Liu’s quirky sense of humor when he posted this meme on on social media. It pays to believe in oneself even if critics try to bring you down. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings proved to be a successful movie, becoming the biggest movie in the U.S. this year.

We’re guessing the team behind Shang-chi’s having more than a collective laugh with this achievement, based on Simu Liu’s post. Keeping calm and earning millions after? Definitely not a simulation.


#4. You’re still a hero, dad

Fathers are usually their children’s first heroes. For superheroes, however, Chris Pratt’s son’s making an exception. He favors Captain America instead. Well, that’s a bit sad, but not for long. Just look at them, particularly in the second picture.

By the look on the Star-Lord’s face, he seems to be a good sport about his son donning Captain America’s costume. As for us, we’re not playing favorites. Both superheroes are as awesome as they can be. Kudos to Chris for being a supportive dad.


#5. Marvel animals club

How cute are these animals? Super cute. These sweet but tough-as-nails animals have been heroes on their own (like when Lucky saved Hawkeye) and deserve more screen time. Although we’re still baffled by Morris’ cute but faceless six-tailed body, he remains as adorable as ever.

Alligator Loki? We don’t want to offend this guy. He can take on a frost giant easily. As for Goose, our intergalactic kitty/Flerken, she makes for a nifty keeper of important things, like the Tesseract. How we wish these four would be in one film.


#6. Trust issues

We’re sure many can relate to Nick Fury’s trust issues. What sets Nick’s situation apart is he lost his trust (and his eye!), not to a person, but to Goose.

We like to believe Fury lost his eye in a battle, but it’s still kind of shocking that Goose is the culprit. Scratching Nick’s eye while he played with her is kind of sad, but we still love how Nick kept her after the incident. Not exactly chuckle-worthy, but it still manages to bring us a smile.


#7. Marvel vs. Powerpuff

Now, this is funny — comparing Marvel heroes to the sweet but booty-kicking girls who save the day. The girls face a problem concocted by villains, face off with them, lose for a while, then come back stronger, all in eleven minutes.

Meanwhile, our Marvel heroes, on the other side, face a more challenging plot to follow. They find a problem, go through a cycle of wins and losses, betrayals… then something else is looming after their victory. In the end, however, these two sets of heroes did their best to save the world.


#8. Not this time, Tony

If you’re an avid fan of MCU, then you know how Tony Stark got a sizable number of villains who all want his downfall. These villains were after him as Iron Man and Tony Stark, so we’re thinking: what did Tony Stark do to upset so many?

Now, here’s finally a villain who does not want anything to do with Stark and wants everything with Peter Parker, including his life. Doc Ock (or Otto Octavius) wants Peter’s blood on his hands, so let’s see how far he can try.


#9. Yelena, Yelena

Florence Pugh’s character in Black Widow as Yelena Belova certainly has a bigger shoe to fill, and not only because Yelena’s a probable successor of Natasha Romanoff which is one awesome character. These hilarious comments, though, reassure us that Florence will be fine.

Yelena might still need more character development, but as long as Florence Pugh plays her, with that “face” and that stance, she’ll undoubtedly grow into it. Hopefully, the chiropractor can give her some relief, just in time for the next movie.


#10. Winky promise

This meme sure reminds us of someone who promised not to do something but does it anyway — which is precisely what Doctor Strange did, causing the Multiverse to become slightly more complicated. Peter’s request to make people forget he’s Spiderman is risky, and we can tell just by how Doctor Strange winked.

So is he going to make a bigger mess than what Wanda and Loki left? The answer is not yet final, but we have to keep our eyes peeled on someone who promises and then later winks.


#11. Thor the Handyman

We’re going to be breaking stuff in our houses if Thor with a regular hammer responds to our repair requests. It only makes sense that he brings a standard hammer for repair services. Otherwise, it would be a demolition.

Questions still fill our minds, though. Will his regular hammer come back to him when thrown? Can we lift his hammer now that it’s smaller than before? Will his hammer drive a nail home or drive our homes into the ground? Either way, he’s welcome to smash stuff.


#12. If only we’ve seen this before…

The Avengers wouldn’t need to travel in different timelines to complete the Infinity stones. They just needed to go to New York City in 1994, when the sitcom Friends first aired on T.V. It would have saved them a lot of time and energy.

It would have been so easy to pluck the stones from the Friends logo, too. But then, that’s just our overactive imagination kicking into high gear. Thanos could never find out, and we’ll still have the edge.


#13. It sounds odd to us

This comment is gold. Indeed, one loophole in the Spiderman: Homecoming movie was Peter’s cell phone ringing so loud. Young persons are generally not fond of loud, jolting ringtones and prefer to keep phones in silent mode or leave it to vibrate.

But hey, let’s cut Peter some slack. Maybe he’s one of those guys who like to be jolted by a caller ringtone, or he believes all calls are important; he should know if someone’s trying to contact him. After all, he’s Spiderman, a hero on call.


#14. One in a Billion

Marvel has slowly but surely started to diversify its cast. When Kumail Nanjiani was cast in Eternals, finally, there was Pakistani representation in this universe.

Too bad Nanjiani was supposed to be playing a character who was Indian. Maybe Marvel thought casting one out of 1 billion people was too much work. While Nanjiani did a great job, we hope Marvel takes the time to do some intentional casting next time.


#15. Not so family friendly

We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve been watching movies that were totally PG and then the minute our parents walked into the room, the movie suddenly became X-rated, with half-dressed women parading on the screen. How awkward!

Luckily, we don’t have to worry about that with Marvel movies, which are as family friends as it gets.


#16. Who took it away?

This Captain America meme post highlights our hero’s face, looking up into the sky with conviction. Only that Jon Blair believes otherwise, saying Cap looks like some avian creature snatched away his hotdog.

This picture got us in stitches, for Captain America was aptly slack-jawed in three of these photos. He does look like someone, or something was in the sky that shouldn’t be there. It got us wondering what he’s seeing. In the meantime, we’ll stick to Blair’s theory of a hotdog taken away by a bird.


#17. Seeing the A

s are getting more clever and clever these days, don’t you agree? They’re also practically everywhere, so that they’re likely to get better hyped. This netizen, however, did not expect to see the Avengers logo on the cover of his washroom waste bin.

While it was an eventful play of shadow that cast the Avengers logo right in his toilet, it was unintentional. Still, we’d be happy to know that heroes made their mark in ours, as long as they properly flushed.


#18. Are we saved or ruined?

We’re always grateful to the Avengers for saving the world from utter destruction until we see this photo and think: Isn’t this destruction enough? What if they weren’t able to come and save us? Then what?

Still, a city in utter ruins with a handful of scattered survivors tops a place where buildings are mostly intact but with no living people left behind. We’re still very thankful to them, though, and even more so if our heroes help us rebuild the now-broken infrastructures.


#19. The evolution of Thor

Want to see how Thor changed throughout his movies? Look no more. Just stare at this photo, and it pretty sums it up. How did a row of cute houses perfectly illustrate Thor’s evolution from a serious superhero with the weight of Asgard in his shoulders to a brooding, lonely hero who’s lost his loved ones? Later on, he becomes a goofball with a hammer.

We can’t agree less with this tweet, though. It’s nice to see Thor’s character development from serious to goofy, though we admit missing his serious demeanor sometimes.


#20. It’s chilly in here

Did Doctor Strange suddenly share a lair with Elsa? Is Elsa’s real-life likeness going to descend those stairs anytime? We don’t know what’s with the icy interior in this scene in Spiderman 3, but it’s enough to make us wonder about a Marvel/Disney crossover.

Maybe Doctor Strange is preserving something in the Sanctum Sanctorum, hence the sub-zero conditions. Why let the cold in when you can let it out? We hope it’s not a foreboding of colder things to come, if there’s anything colder than ice and snow.


#21. Thena getting told Thanos is her cousin

We love to interpret the girl’s distant and unimpressed expression in this meme. It captures perfectly Thena’s face when she got reminded of her relation to Thanos and how they should have helped the Avengers during their Endgame battle.

It’s the look of someone who just woken up and received terrible news but has no choice, anyway. Well, it’s high time the Eternals stepped up, now that Iron Man is gone and Captain America has chosen to retire and grow old gracefully.


#22. He’s Timeless

We’re not sure how they did it, but the Marvel Universe cast only the finest-looking men to play superheroes. And while their characters age for more years than is humanly possible, they manage to look gorgeous the whole time.

One person who managed to do this even outside of the Marvel scene is the infamous Paul Rudd. He never seems to age, despite being 53 years old. He needs to drop his skin care routine ASAP.


#23. Four pics two dudes

This hilarious tweet comes from Robert Downey Jr.’s comment of him being a dude playing a dude (Kirk Lazarus) disguised as another dude (Sgt Osiris). Add Jeff Bridges as Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski into the picture, cast them both in Iron Man, and we’ve got two dudes

There’s one who disguised as another and one who got mistaken for someone else. This scenario makes us think, isn’t the studio clever to cast dudes who can play multiple dudes in one movie?


#24. Remind us again

What’s it like to be reminded that you’re into something for the long haul? Look at Sebastian Stan’s every time he’s told of his nine-film contract with Marvel, and it’s hilarious every time. We know he’s grateful for the opportunity to play the Winter Soldier role for a good number of films.

We are not sure why Sebastian Stan’s always caught in a half-suppressed grin every time the length of his contract is mentioned, but it brings us to laugh. It’s like he wants to kick himself for something, isn’t he?


#25. Wreckers of the Multiverse

This meme aptly describes what Wanda, Loki, Sylvie, and Doctor Strange did to the Multiverse: cause some damage and bring chaos about. Sure, some of them did it intentionally, and some viewed messing up with the Multiverse as a necessary evil.

The picture has us in stitches, though, imagining the faces of the Mean Girl characters swapped with the guys from Marvel urging Doctor Strange to come with them. We’d like to see a matching meme with Doctor Strange’s supposed expression next time.


#26. The new Captain America

Many people argue that it should have been Bucky who got Captain America’s shield instead of Sam, but we know it’s not just because he is a man of integrity. There’s definitely a little bit more to it, for sure.

The new Captain America suit is designed to integrate the shield without having to carry it by hand. It won’t get in the way with his Falcon wings, either. Looking closely, however, is that Steve Rogers’ burner phone strapped to Sam’s belt? Hmm… very interesting.


#27. Ultron the Ultra-villain

We agree with the post that Ultron simply has to be the strongest villain in the Marvel cinematic universe. He’s ended an actual Avenger, hates humanity, and is ruthless, but he’s also relatable.

Many would nod their heads at times Ultron showed vulnerability and human-like traits. He’s rebellious, angry, and lonely at the same time. He’s also got his brand of humor, and that makes him a perfect villain. For his influence to reach a human in five minutes and make him agree to annihilate the human race is another story.


#28. Shang-chi the Chef?

We had side-splitting laughter the moment we saw this post, with Shang-chi looking like a chef who just finished making two kinds of breakfast platters. We’re taking anything you’re offering, thank you very much.

Obviously, it’s designed to poke fun at the movie, but hey, it’s the number one movie of the year in the U.S. It’s only correct to say that the film’s been serving awesomeness throughout its whole duration. We’re in for a second helping, if there’s any.


#29. A Gen-Z Spiderman

This post shares a fan’s hilarious reaction to Peter Parker’s passport details. So he was born in 2001 (that makes him a Gen Z-er), and it does not sit well with the fan that he’s older than the current Peter.

Maybe the fan’s insecurity stems from having superheroes that are generally older. It’s easier to look up to someone more senior than to someone younger. Younger, more capable people are a threat to older ones. Of course, this is all just for fun. We love Peter Parker, whatever age he is.


#30. Scaring Vision

Vision as the robotic Avenger certainly helped the rest of the heroes fight against Ultron, but his synthezoid components do not exempt him from feeling fear, as this meme suggests. It somehow tries to show how Vision would react if presented with a CAPTCHA, and we’re all laughter and tears.

We don’t know how Vision will manage to overcome this assigned fear and tick the CAPTCHA box. He’s a robot, so the following web page won’t load correctly unless he pretends not to be one.


#31. Only Uncle Ben

This is both funny and sad because Uncle Ben is the only character in the Spider-Man films shown in flashbacks as a living person. In the current timeline, he is as gone as anyone can be. So he’s not technically in Spider-Man 3 as a living person.

What makes it even sadder is that it’s also Cliff Robertson’s final acting appearance before he unfortunately passed away in 2011, following his retirement. We’ll always remember him fondly as Uncle Ben and remain grateful for the legacy he left on the franchise.


#32. A visit to the principal’s office

The downcast faces of our beloved Marvel actors look very funny here, and we can’t help but laugh at it. We’re especially tickled by the fact that Paul Rudd looks like he’s the dad who got called into the principal’s office to talk about the mayhem his kids caused this time.

The picture looks like three boys are going to be grounded upon arrival at their home. This might not be the actual case for this picture, but we’d like to imagine the scenario that way. It’s just too funny.


#33. Sorry, they didn’t listen

Steve Carrell’s expression in this photo pretty much aptly describes what Doctor Strange would have shown after wrecking the universe this time. He can only quietly grit his teeth and just bear with the consequences of the mayhem.

We don’t know about you, but we can totally hear Wong’s voice telling him, “I told you not to,” and now they have to fix an even greater mess than before. We also hear him reprimanding Peter, too. Well, it looks like it’s time for a significant multiverse repair.


#34. What did you do?

Tony Stark sacrificed himself in Avengers: Endgame, and we thought it was a worthy, if not a painful sacrifice. That is until Peter Parker wanted his identity hidden once more and messed up big time in the movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The lady’s expression in the picture is Tony’s when seeing the chaos his protege has caused. It’s filled with regret and sad resignation, which is totally understandable, under the circumstances. Let’s just hope that Spider-Man redeems the Multiverse later — and himself, as well.


#35. Wolverine x Batmen

What a complicated illustration to unsee. The comic version of Wolverine certainly looks like two Batmen with lips locked together, and it’s been burned into our minds. Ack, please send help.

We have to give credit to whoever discovered this, but we wish we didn’t see it at all. How do they move about, anyway, when they are kissing? Will Wolverine break apart when the kiss has ended? It’s so silly, and we need more to see this and have a good laugh.


#36. Is there a real Super Serum?

We all know Leander Deeny played the body double of the pre-serum Steve Rogers, with the rest edited to make it look like Chris Evans all along. Seeing these pictures of Chris before he starred in Captain America: The First Avenger got us convinced that there’s an actual Super Soldier Serum.

So this is the secret why Chris Evans looked terrific as the post-serum Steve Rogers? Nah. There’s no Super Soldier Serum in reality. As hardcore fans, we like to think there is, so we can get a hold of it.


#37. The pose of champions

Three heroes adopting the same pose? Maybe there’s something magical about this pose, or perhaps it’s all just physics. Spider-Man, Yelena, and Natasha Romanoff adapting the same fight posture aren’t just all about swag. It’s all about balance and lessening the force of impact after a jump.

This tripod stance allows the body to get lower or higher in reality. It’s a basic stance in most martial arts, especially after a fall. It looks powerful and poised, well, because it actually is.

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