35 Badass Stuff That You Don't Know Even Exist

Designers always know how to surprise us. They often come up with badass stuff that make life easier in a multitude of ways. The subreddit ‘Didn’t Know I Wanted That’ is "the perfect place to find all products you didn't know existed, but suddenly want, right after you've seen them!" With about 1.1 million members, this group is documenting all the cool, odd, and fascinating designs that will make you say, “I didn’t know I wanted that.”
We have chosen some badass stuff from this online community. They will make you say "WOW!" Scroll down to take a look and vote for your favorites. Could you find any of them useful? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.

#1. Cabbage umbrella

Source: d-reaming

#2. A bookmark that remembers the page and the line!

Source: joshT394

#3. I want and you do too

Source: ItsJustNoire

#4. Snikt Snikt Chomp Chomp

Source: Inevitable-Careerist

#5. A mini filing cabinet for SD cards

Source: AJAT2005

#6. I want to be James Bond

Source: KellifosIsland23

#7. Didn't know I wanted squid kite

Source: PoolSharkPete

#8. Reusable grocery list

Source: tony___bologna

#9. This skull-shaped charcoal takes BBQ to the next level


#10. This remote has a headphone plug in it to listen to tv quietly

Source: superp0rk

#11. This giant family tent has private bedroom compartments and a full living area!

Source: Cattreddit

#12. An atlas of every color imaginable

Source: AntiChristoffer

#13. Soy sauce dishes that "reveal" a painting once you fill them up

Source: aliciam_d

#14. Everybody with a girlfriend needs this


#15. There is a Sippy Cup designed to trick kids into taking their medicine without a fuss. the cup offers a secret compartment directly under the lid, so the medicine goes down first, followed by their favorite juice

Source: -acon-trash

#16. An maga hat but with an actual statement

Source: homosexualpenguin

#17. This knife set from 2030

Source: ya_boi_d3x

#18. The master sword key blank

Source: Shadowslipping

#19. Steamer boat lid

Source: WomanNotAGirl

#20. A shirt that stays tucked in for the whole day

Source: lorenzomofo

#21. These measuring cups are designed to visually present fractions for intuitive use!

Badass StuffSource: hello297

#22. Not to look classy, but I highkey want to watch my food cook

Source: BeardedGlass

#23. Broken dishware light shade

Badass StuffSource: CrisperKoleslaw

#24. These lines go up the wall so you can park perfectly in-between the lines

Badass StuffSource:

#25. Because why not?

Badass StuffSource: Sharplymess

#26. This cool bookmark

Badass StuffSource:

#27. People, this is a lamp!

Badass StuffSource: mihabrani

#28. This fire pit

Badass StuffSource: Pepe_Le_Meme

#29. Curved climbing wall for pools

Badass StuffSource: rexmons

#30. Giant crocheted snorlax

Badass StuffSource: CYBERSson

#31. These knee pads with wheels

Badass StuffSource: GallowBlow

#32. Maybe a friend of mine need them

Badass StuffSource: bringeroftherain

#33. Mine all mine!!

Badass StuffSource: ad_rock716

#34. Shark socks

Badass StuffSource: Besaad14

#35. This bear glass

Badass StuffSource: Harionago

If this list of badass stuff is not enough to astound you, visit the r/DidntKnowIWantedThat subreddit or check out some of the coolest products from part one here.
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