Wholesome Posts Of Strangers On The Internet Having Other’s Backs In The Best Way

The internet is like a double-edged sword. We sometimes or even often see so many dark and negative things spreading on the internet that make us feel unsafe and ruin our moods easily. Nevertheless, wholesome things also happen out there every day, showing us there are still numerous kind-hearted people who want our world to be a better place. They are just strangers trying to contribute their kindness to those who need help during their troubled times. And thanks to them, our faith in humanity is restored.
It turns out that there is a subreddit called r/GateOpenComeOnIn dedicated to sharing pics of wholesome acts when decent people have other’s backs, and the effect is nothing but immense. These positive posts are guaranteed to warm your heart and put a smile on your face. Scroll down to check.

#1. "Do what you do to make your child happy"

Source: sonic_banana

#2. "Do what makes you happy for you"

Source: lawn-mumps

#3. "Southern hospitality"

Source: foot-waffle

#4. "Stress relief"

Source: wphelps153

#5. "Gates open slide on in"

Source: Dragonography

#6. "Wholesome"

Source: becauseimgurisboring

#7. "Better late than never"

Source: VoxorHD

#8. "Does this truck count?"

Source: A_BroadHumor

#9. Yeah

Source: calysoe

#10. "Come on in and long as you’re nice"

Source: thefamilyjewelz

#11. "Anyone can be tired!"

Source: TeenageMumbler

#12. "Gay pride can be whatever you want/need it to be"

Source: squeakim

#13. "Read whatever you wantttt"

Source: ineed_somelove

#14. "Good guy owner"

Source: oscarfacegamble

#15. "Wholesome patriotism"

Source: EpicJenko

#16. "HI MILLY"

Source: NYR525

#17. "Everybody says thank you to Andy"

Source: Awesome123310

#18. "Never too late for new beginnings"

Source: manupuwaga

#19. "It's the thought that counts"

Source: Scraw16

#20. "Halloween for everyone!"

Source: bunman21

#21. "They had us in the first half"

Source: RsquaredT

#22. "Friendly encouragement"

Source: Justtakemenow

#23. "We are all nerds together"

Source: Night_skye_

#24. "Someone I went to school with posted this about giving their son a unicorn-themed birthday bash. Positive parenting for the win"

Source: frauenarzZzt

#25. "Minding your own business is free"

Source: Thoeda

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