13 Crazy Facts About Merida From Brave To Cute Ones

Here is the list of the facts about Merida from brave to cute moments. One of the most talked-about animated films in 2012 is Brave - a comedy/adventure movie produced by two of the world's largest media and Entertainment companies: Disney and Pixar. The movie portrays Princess Merida - a strong, brave girl with determination to pursue her own path. On that journey, she accidentally cast a curse on her mother and had to go through many events to realize the sacredness of motherhood.
Making a strong impression with Merida's red curly hair and her bow, Brave marks a turning point in Pixar's style: less humorous, instead, darker and more mature. With the frames of the wonderful Scottish highlands and touching scenes about motherhood, Brave has captured the hearts of many audiences across all ages.

#1 Before agreeing to the name Brave, “The Bear and the Bow” was the original title of the film

Source: Pixar

#2 Pixar spent three years developing two extra software tools just for this film. One of them made it possible to simulate Merida's hair moving in sync with her motions

Source: Wired

#3 In Hebrew, Merida's name means "to rebel" - 13 Crazy Facts About Merida From Brave To Cute Ones

Source: beautygeek

#4 The footage seen in the trailer does not appear in the completed film

Source: Heyuguys

#5 At the title, you can spot the hidden Merida in the word B, while Elinor is hidden in the letter E

Source: Nerd Reactor

#6 It took six years to make this film

Source: Wired

#7 The legendary Lewis Chessmen from the 12th century are the chess set in Merida's room

Source: Apprehentice Of The Chosen One

#8 Young MacGuffin (voiced by Kevin McKidd) speaks a strange dialect known as Doric, which is a language found in northeastern Scotland

Source: Pixar Fandom

#9 Merida wears the same necklace as Elinor at the clan gathering, which she subsequently uses to pay the witch for the spell

Source: Daniel Gaul

#10 One 14-person team of animators assigned to deal with duplicating the musculature in horses and Princess Merida’s curly hair

Source: Pixar

#11 The combat choreography for the film's fight scenes had to be learned personally by the animators

Source: Owl Machine

#12 Merida is 5 feet 4 inches and Bear-Elinor is nine feet tall when standing

Source: Pinterest

#13 Elinor's hair would be around six feet, six inches long if it weren't wrapped

Source: Pixar

#14 The skin textures of the demon-bear Mor'du are based on satellite pictures of burned land

Source: Pixar

#15 To create the right mood for the Scottish Highlands, the art department created around 350 paintings of leaves, brushes, and moss

Source: Pixar

#16 Two study excursions to Scotland were made by the Brave production team

Source: Pixar

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