Lion King: How Profound A Disney Animated Movie For Kids Can Be?

If you've followed Walt Disney's development of animated movies, you'll find that most of the children's Movies feature vivid images of animals. They are not the speechless and emotionless species we once thought. In Disney World, you can come across different animals that are personified and have human-like lives. This enables children to have a closer and more realistic view of the world of animals around them.
Lion King is one of Disney's most successful animated movies that attract a huge number of global audiences and bring in the highest revenue of all time. It not only portrays the lives of wild animals for children but also transmits profound life lessons for adults. Let's see what the animal characters in the movie and their experiences teach us.

#1 We’re all a part of the circle of life

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We were born and raised in the loving arms of our parents.

#2 The past is a lesson, but don't dwell on it

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Simba spends his entire life feeling sorry for himself and always blaming himself for his father's death. Forget it and forgive yourself to live better. "You've got to leave your past in the past."

#3 We always need good friends by our side

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Samba is Simba's real good friend, instilling in him that a carefree life does not mean a selfish life. Rafiki plays a vital role of a guide, enlightening Simba and showing him the true road to success.

#4 Trust only trustworthy people, even your relatives can harm you

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Scar is an evil uncle who takes advantage of Simba's trust. It took a long time for Simba to realize that.

#5 Stay away from “Hyenas”

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The hyena in Lion King is a sly character. Stay away from people who have a negative attitude, always lie and want to bring others down.

#6 There is the existence of true love and it will be eternal

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If you don't see each other for a long time, it doesn't mean that the relationship is broken.

#7 Learn how to listen and respect adults

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What adults say listen and respect because it can be good advice for you.

#8 We can be friends, regardless of age, gender or appearance.

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In Lion King, Timon and Pumbaa's friendship is bigger than the difference in species.

#9 Running away is not the smart way to solve problems

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Simba is always afraid of facing his evil uncle Scar. The moment he dared to face Scar, he won.

#10 There are no worries - Hakuna Matata

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As Simba flees the kingdom, he meets two humorous friends Timon and Pumba, who teach him what happiness, love, and hope are.
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