When Disney Princes Come In Real Life, Who Makes Your Heart Flutter The Most?

Not only the princesses, the princes also are indispensable elements to complete the dream fairy tale in Disney's stories. Have you ever wondered what they would be like in real life?
A Finnish artist and designer in Melbourne named Jirka Väätäinen, has created a series of real-life Disney prince images to answer this question.
Everyone who had a childhood crush on these Disney characters will definitely love them, but even if you don’t, it’s interesting to determine these characters within the world. Väätäinen stayed faithful to the original tone of these princes while ensuring they seem totally lifelike and believable.

#1 Prince Hans - “Frozen”

Source: Jirkavinse

Source: Cape and castle

Hans is of moderate stature and generally good-looking. In addition to his auburn hair, sideburns, and "dreamy" green eyes, Hans is fair-skinned with just a few freckles visible on the bridge of his nose.

#2 Kocoum - “Pocahontas”

Source: Jirkavinse

Source: Static

Known as the strongest of Chief Powhatan's warriors, Kocoum fought valiantly against the Massawomecks. He's seen as handsome, but he's also quite serious and rarely laughs. Are you satisfied with Jirka Väätäinen's drawing of this captain?

#3 Prince Eric - “The Little Mermaid”

Source: Jirkavinse

Source: Comics Beat

Will Prince Eric's friendly smile and talking eyes make you fall in love with?

#4 Prince Phillip - “Sleeping Beauty”

Source: Jirkavinse

Source: Oh My Disney

Do you want to be a sleeping beauty if The Prince is "cool" like this?

#5 Prince Adam - “Beauty and the Beast”

Source: Jirkavinse

Source: dolly insider

The curse transforms this sexy prince into a monstrous creature.

#6 Prince Charming - “Cinderella”

Source: Jirkavinse

Source: Fanpop

Prince of a nation, he has a dashing and beautiful aura about him, as his name implies.

#7 Prince Naveen - “The Princess and the Frog”

Source: Jirkavinse

Source: Static

Naveen is a tall, slim young man with dark brown hair and amber eyes. He's got a tad bit of a fairer complexion than Tiana - his princess.

#8 The Prince - “Snow White”

Source: Jirkavinse

Source: AM22

This is still The Prince with short brown hair and blue eyes, a royal blue sleeveless tunic, and a dark crimson knee-length cape.
So, based on Jirka Väätäinen's illustrations, which prince do you prefer if they are in real life?
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