5 Excellent Family Cartoons For Parents And Kids To Watch On Weekends

What are your plans for the long weekend with your family? Gather your loved ones around the television and watch some animated movies with some snacks served alongside. Such an exciting way to relax, right? As these movies are suitable for both children and adults, they can help warm up family ties. Parents and kids share the same hobby. Is there anything better?
As you go through this list, pick a film to watch with your family on weekend.

#1 The Lion King

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A classic and familiar movie of the Mouse house presents a humane message about friendship, love, and fatherhood.

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You can choose the animation “The Lion King”(1994, 1998) or live-action “The Lion King” (2019) to experience this movie.

#2 Finding Nemo

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An Oscar-winning film "Best Animated Feature" in 2004.
The film “Finding Nemo” (2003) conveys a message on the importance of family relationships. Excessive parental attention can be harmful to children, yet no matter how autonomous a kid becomes, he or she will always need the safety and protection of family members.

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#3 The Incredibles

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These are endearing characters, and the screenplay is clever and funny throughout.
With themes about families, "The Incredibles"(2004) is a superhero adventure that appeals to both children and adults.

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Despite the Bond-level violence, the film has enough good themes about family, courage, and self-identity to make it a must-see for parents and children alike.

#4 Brave

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A medieval Scottish princess enraged at being forced into a marriage she doesn't want. Due to a witch's spell, it was Merida who inadvertently transformed her mother into a bear.

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Merida is compelled to find a method to free her mother from the curse before she becomes a bear for all time. After that, Merida had come to grips with how selfish she was. Queen Elinor also understood that she was strict and imposed on her children.

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“Brave” (2012) - a fairy tale with a feminist message on gender equality and motherly love.

#5 CoCo

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The first half of the work thought it had been simply a story of a passion for music, but within the last half, family love stood out with many touching details. “CoCo” (2017) evokes many reflections in viewers about choosing between passion or family.

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In addition to family love, especially the love between father and son, grandson and grandson, the film also reminds us to always remember our roots and roots.

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A touching story with an unexpected ending that will cause you to be unable to prevent crying. The song “Remember me” will cause you to sob.
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