7 Life Lessons That Disney Cartoon Characters Teach You

Many of us still watch "Beauty and the Beast", "The Lion King", or "Brave" over and over again. Because for children and adults alike, Walt Disney films are the memories of a good time.
However, the animated films of the House of Mouse are more than just mindless Entertainment. Hidden within them are numerous valuable life lessons that we sometimes miss. Let's take a glance at the seven most vital life lessons that Disney's cartoon characters try to impart!

#1 “Brave”: Be yourself

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As a princess, Merida is expected to be a model of femininity. Especially her mother who is determined to teach her the rules of the court. Merida goes on to diction, music, history lessons ... while she dreams of only one thing: to get on her horse and gallop in the forest to archery.

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The little one has character and will do anything to live her life as she sees fit. Merida is a true model of independence, of self-acceptance and she shows the evolution of the Disney Princesses over the years.

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As we know, it's not always easy to oppose parents who basically want our best. But the time has come to come to terms with it and go take daddy mommy for a walk.

#2 “The Lion King”: Run from your past, but learn from your mistakes instead of running away from them

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After his father is killed, Simba feels that he is guilty of it and departs his kingdom. He has been denying who he is and trying to forget where he comes from for many years.
But as sage Rafiki puts it so well: “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But in my opinion, you have only two solutions, run away or learn from your mistakes. "

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In saving his people, bringing the order to the Savannah, and becoming King, Simba makes the correct choice.

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We all know that human beings are prone to making mistakes. Just confront the facts and move on instead of self-flogging and wallowing in self-pity

#3“Pocahontas”: Have faith in yourself and pay attention to your gut feelings.

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Pocahontas must choose between her people and the man she loves (who happens to be the number one adversary of her father).

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Because she is being attacked on all sides, she seeks guidance from her grandma. When presented with a problem, no one is more equipped to make the proper option than we are to do so. Because of this, we take stock of our situation, we assess the benefits and drawbacks, and we trust one another!

#4 “Mulan”: Don't be afraid to take command of your life

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Mulan's destiny is set in stone: she must learn to make-up, prepare tea, and meet a nice man. Very little of the young woman, who has no idea who she is or what she wants to accomplish with her life.

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As Mulan's old father is summoned up for duty, she is unable to ponder about her destiny for very long. Listening only to her bravery, she dresses as a guy and assumes his position. Mulan wasn't born a warrior, nor was she a good athlete, nor was she a brilliant thinker. To become one, she will have to learn.

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Because of this, we open up our chakras, stop telling ourselves we can't do it, and leap into the unknown.

#5 “Beauty and the Beast”: Don't stop at appearances

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Because of reading a lot of books, Belle knows that sometimes appearances are deceptive. In contact with the Beast, she quickly realizes that he has more of a gentleman than a bloodthirsty brute.

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An exemplary attitude to imitate before answering no to each girlfriend who shows us the photo of a potential suitor.

#6 “Tangled”: Don't be perplexed to step out of your consolation zone like Rapunzel

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Rapunzel features a dream: Go see the lanterns on her birthday. But meaning getting out of her tower and exploring the exterior world.
After a few faltering, she takes her boldness in both hands and climbs down. In spite of the numerous hardships that she may go through, Rapunzel will live completely each day distant from her cocoon.

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Like her, we are inquisitive about almost everything, we open up to others and we challenge ourselves!

#7 “Up”: Never stop your dreams like Carl

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Carl has always wanted to be an adventurer since he was a youngster. Gradually abandoning this endeavor as he matured, he began spending more time with his loving wife Ellie.

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Together, they create a new dream: to see paradise falls. They're caught up in the daily and Ellie dies before they do it. Grasshopper Carl has lost all faith in anything. A dreamy, hopeful and very obstinate little kid named Russell changes everything. It is because of him that he develops the qualities of a brave adventurer and discovers Paradise Falls.

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When it comes to making your goals come true, the lesson is simple: it's never too late to start.
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