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What Do Disney Princesses Look Like In Modern-Day Version?

Disney Princesses are timeless inspirations for many artists nowadays. We’ve seen lots of creative versions, including magical reimagines like Disney Princesses or Game of Thrones characters. The appeal of Disney Princesses also inspired Kiev-based illustrator Daria Artemieva who interprets what these characters would look like in the modern-day version.

Daria Artemieva has more than 158,000 followers on Instagram and her feed is full of unique and gorgeous works of Disney princesses, even iconic Disney couples. However, each modern makeover still keeps each princess’s signature attributes by keeping the palette theme. Therefore, the audience still can feel the very own Disney’s vibes and magic through familiar characters. Now, let’s have a look at how our princesses are transformed in a totally changed style by this talented artist.

#1 Snow White

Source: The Daily Beast

Source: Daria Artemieva

Snow White is wearing a sporty short skirt with remodel crop-top and taking selfies. Apparently, she didn’t forget her iconic accessories – a red turban on her curly short hair and the phone case with a red apple icon. Our artist has a really good sense of humor.

#2 Cinderella

Source: Movies Anywhere

Source: Daria Artemieva

On her “Netflix and Chill” day, Cinderella chooses tight jeans mixed with a camisole and a pair of Vans. For a fancy looking, she ties her hair low with stylish sunglasses on the top of her head and wears a choker. With this new outlook, we still can recognize her as the iconic blue of Cinderella.

#3 Jasmine

Source: Pinterest

Source: Daria Artemieva

Have you ever imagined our princess Jasmine in a Yoga style? The reform set makes our Jasmine looks sporty and charming than ever. Do you agree?

#4 Belle

Source: Rotoscopers

Source: Daria Artemieva

In “Beauty and the Beast”, Belle appeared as a girl who has a strong personality. Therefore, the artist kept her true color in a modern version. She seems to walk down the street with overall jeans and a white shirt with shirtsleeves rolled up. The outfit makes Belle looks naughty and cuter than ever.

#5 Merida

Source: Rotoscopers

Source: Daria Artemieva

Our Brave princess Merida with street style looks so dynamic and energetic. She is wearing a sport suit with a flannel tied holding her belly. Especially, the tattoos on her arm and the tousled hair bring independent vibes for Merida as her attribute.

#6 Pocahontas

Source: The Jam Report

Source: Daria Artemieva

We see a brand new style of a princess who seems to be ready for a day hanging out with friends. Pocahontas with short hair, bringing colorful feathers, and wearing fashionable glasses spreads her activeness and attractiveness. The shorts and crop-top look simple but so gorgeous on Pocahontas. She nailed it.

H/T: My Modern Met

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