Fan Artists Create Amazing Pieces of Art To Show What Happens After Happily Ever After

As Disney fans, we are sure that you have feel disappointment and sad when your favorite movies or stories end. Some of you are so captivated by the movie that you are left wondering "What happens next?" Despite having happy endings, that hasn't stopped you from imagining what some characters' lives would look like.
In order to satisfy your curiosity, some fan artists created hilarious illustrations to depict the lives of main characters after happily ever after. Scroll down to check out some Happy Ever After art from artists!

#1 Frozen

Source: NightLiight

Source: NightLiight

Source: NightLiight

Anna and Kristoff make quite the adorable family! And Elsa seems to be enjoying auntie life!

#2 Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione.

Source: burdge

#3 Beauty and the Beast

Source: spicysteweddemon

#4 Hercules

Source: grodansnagel

#5 The Legend of Zelda

Link and Tetra make such cute parents!

Source: beagletsuin

#6 Adventure Time

Finn and Fire Princess children have adorable children.

Source: jackie-lyn

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