18 Wicked Disney Villains As Parents And The Results Might Make You Satisfied

Wondering how are the looks of Disney villains as parents? As hardcore fans of Disney movies, we are not strange to villains. Similar to the Disney Princesses, the villains play a vital role in the success of the films. A film with no conflict is a boring film. Some movies are even cherished and remembered for their central villains. Although these villains are bad and cruel, Disney still loves its villains and has created some of the greatest villains ‚Äčin their films.
Most Disney villains have at least some humanity, but what's to say these characters can't associate with children and can't have their own babies. So what would happen if these villains had a life outside their evilness and raised a kid on their own?
In order to help you imagine what they look like when become parents, we collected some pics of villains re-imagined as parents by fan artists. Looking at these pics, you can see a kid can change everything. These Disney villains have decided to focus on parenthood and raising their own little bad guys.
Now scroll down to check how much parenthood has changed the Disney villains we all know and love.

#1 Great power with great responsibility

Source: Precia-T

#2 Two frozen hearts become one.

Source: Unknown

#3 Daddy's little monster.

Source: Nogicu

#4 We're still not sold that she's finished with her wicked ways.

Source: Unknown

#5 King of the pride

Source: Unknown

#6 Little Lamb

Source: Fan Blubbering

#7 If love was an open door

Source: Unknown

#8 Dashing through the snow, in a race car.

Source: Unknown

#9 Reunion Photo

Source: Nightshade-Phantom

#10 Raising her own prodigy, villain style.

Source: Hazurasinner

#11 Family Drama

Source: fuyuno

#12 Suppose he created her himself? Some real ingenuity.

Source: Unknown

#13 New Goddess

Source: 666-Lucemon-666

#14 Jafar Junior

Source: G-r-e-c-i-a-n

#15 Family on the other side

Source: CancerSyndromEdits

#16 This duo is definitely the least surprising.

Source: Unknown

#17 The Canon Kids

Source: baikin-germ

#18 The Queen Mother - Disney villains as parents

Source: Morloth88

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