10 Disney Cartoon Moments That Melt Our Hearts In Just A Second

Disney Movies are able to place viewers in a wheel of feelings and emotions, from happy to sad, funny to sympathetic. As a big fan of Disney animated movies, I have watched many movies and until now I realize that sad scenes leave a deeper impression in my memory.
Do you think what often moves us? Is it a misunderstanding, a breakup, a loss, or even death? You can witness all these situations in every Disney animated movie. Although those sad scenes only last for a few short minutes, they can become the most meaningful and impressive moments of the movie. That's why in this article, I would like to share with you the most dramatic, moving scenes of a series of animated films produced by Walt Disney.

#1 The Lion King - Mufasa’s death

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When Mufasa was harmed by Scar and died, Simba was left alone. This scene literally makes viewers burst into tears. It hurts.

#2 Dumbo - Dumbo visits his mother in jail

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Because of being bound by shackles, Jumbo reaches her trunk through the bars and cradles Dumbo for a few sweet minutes. Something tightens inside our hearts when watching this scene.

#3 Onward - final battle scene

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Audiences seem to be ready for a tear-jerking, cathartic finale between father and son. The end of the film is not only the loss of a father but also a reminder to cherish our loved ones who are always by our side.

#4 Coco - “Remember me” song

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The most heartbreaking moment in the CoCo Disney movie is when Miguel is trying to restore Coco's memories by playing the guitar and singing the song "Remember Me".

#5 Up - Ellie’s death

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Disney painted a picture of the dreamy romantic love between Ellie and Carl. But in the end, Ellie died from an undisclosed incurable disease.

#6 Inside Out - when Riley runs away

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Viewers see Riley had to go through so much hurt. But what's worse is that Riley's parents don't even understand their daughter.

#7 Finding Nemo - emotionally devastating opening scene

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When a vicious barracuda suddenly attacks, Marlin is knocked unconscious. Later he witnesses Coral and nearly all of their children have been killed. It was a heartbreaking moment for the loss of loved ones.

#8 Maleficent - loses her wings because of her loved one

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When Maleficent realized her wings were gone after waking up, she felt hurt. The screams moved the audience.

#9 Monsters - Sully saying goodbye to Boo

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Saying goodbye is sometimes painful and heartbreaking. Sully's saying: “Kitty has to go” and their warm embrace is enough to melt us.

#10 Toy Story 2 - Jessie’s backstory

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Jessie reveals she once had an Emily owner who gave her up. Sarah McLachlan's heart-breaking song "When She Loved Me" increases a tearful flashback sequence.
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