Buck’s Inner Mood Swings Throughout Movie "The Call Of The Wild"

Have you seen the Disney movie "The Call of the Wild" adapted from the famous novel of the same name by Jack London? If you have, you must have wondered if Buck is a real dog or a cartoon. In fact, we all know that a dog can't be an actor and we can't tell him to act like this or that. That's right, Buck is a cartoon dog. However, the film gives us the feeling of a real movie and real people.
In fact, The Call Of The Wild is a perfect combination of live-action and animation. CGI was used to create one of the film's main characters, Buck, and his dog pack. From a family-friendly perspective, the usage of CGI made sense because the combination of live-action and animation often fascinates younger audiences. Thanks to that, Buck, based on a real-life rescue dog, has human-like feelings and moods. Now we will together explore the inner depth of the dog Buck throughout the film through the following pictures.

#1 Buck's affluent and liberal life in a noble family

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Buck was a domesticated dog raised by a rich judge. Buck was hyperactive, intelligent, and close to people. His life used to be easy and pleasant, but he had no idea how short his aristocratic life would be.

#2 Buck had to learn how to adapt to rough and cruel laws for the first time

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After having been arrested and forced to leave civilized life, Buck entered a savage, primitive way of life, subjecting to the "law of the club and the fangs". This was Buck's first lesson in taking his first steps back into the wilderness. He learned how to adapt and survive in a harsh environment.

#3 Buck was sold as a sled dog in the cold North

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Buck was brought to Alaska and sold as a sled dog. Buck gradually found his own ability, he knew he had to become stronger. Buck's life now in that frozen area is not easy.

#4 Buck successfully showed his bravery

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Buck also had to fight other dogs in the sled for food and leadership. Because he owns a strong and intelligent body, he soon became the leader of the pack. Fighting against Spitz, his beastly nature seemed to rise and his eyes were emotionless.

#5 Buck was once again beaten and enslaved by the gold hunters

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Buck had a love for his fellow dogs. He sheltered vulnerable dogs in the same situation and protected his owners. He joined the ranks of the sled dogs, suffering Francois' whippings during his long journey in search of gold.

#6 Buck fainted from exhaustion, once again living with his kind master

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Buck and the dogs were all exhausted and nearly shot dead by the gold hunter. Buck was eventually left behind and came back to live with his kind boss.

#7 "Love, genuine passionate love, was his for the first time"

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Buck and the old man depended on each other, like two friends, not a master-servant relationship. Buck understood his human's mood and went with him on a journey to find gold.

#8 Buck began to find his roots in the wilderness

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Buck faced the beasts of the forest for the first time. He was fearful and timid, shy in front of big and fierce animals in the forest.

#9 Buck found friends in the wilderness

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After bravely saving a male wolf once, Buck found a friend in the wilderness. He played and learned to hunt with the wolves. Gradually Buck stimulated his own abilities.

#10 Buck returned to his wildlife

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The moment Buck defended his master, he realized he had to kill the evil gold hunter. Buck returned to his wildlife and became the leader of the wolves. He was stronger after the trauma and harsh life with humans.
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