Let's See What You Can Learn From Disney Princesses' Fashion

Besides the beauty and life stories, Disney princesses' outfits also stand out as their icons. People will automatically think about a princess with her classic stunning dress. Definitely, these animated "It Girls" influenced quite a lot in your childhood fashion. You covered yourself with a blanket and pretended to be a princess, didn't you?
In fact, Disney princesses' clothes are not only beautiful in the 20th century but also usable nowadays. Let's take a look back at our top Disney princesses' dresses and see what you can apply to your modern fashion. Maybe you will impress others with your princess-influenced look!

#1 Cinderella’s Magical Evening Dress (Cinderella)

Source: Fan Pop

Cinderella's fairy godmother created a breathtaking dress for her for the evening ball gown. Even Walt Disney said that his favorite scene was when Cinderella's old, ragged dress turned into a beautiful blue ball gown. Flawless is the exact adjective for Cinderella's dress. Also, it is iconic enough to inspire a Met Gala many years later.

#2 Tiana’s Fantasy Dress (The Princess And The Frog)

Source: Disney International

Tiana's green lily pad ball gown is a gorgeous dress though green is tough to wear, especially when it comes to formal outfits. However, Tiana really looks good in that elegant dress.

#3 Elsa’s Icy Dress (Frozen)

Source: Deviant Art

Because Elsa is an ice queen, her dress is also something "feels crystalline". Every detail of her dress is impressive, which technically makes it a shimmering ice blue one.

#4 Pocahontas’s Minidress (Pocahontas)

Source: Disney Fandom

Pocahontas looks so beautiful on her tailored, curve-hugging mini dress. This one with shoulder silhouette and the suede is still hot until now.

#5 Ariel’s Daytime Date Dress (The Little Mermaid)

Source: Pinterest

Besides Ariel's seashell bra or sparkling periwinkle dress, her black corset on top of the blue dress for a date is so ahead of her time. It is definitely a bold styling choice matching with a big bow tie hair accessory.

#6 Belle’s Yellow Ball Gown (Beauty And The Beast)

Source: Pinterest

Belle may be the most couture of all the Disney princesses. She is a forward thinker, so her iconic golden ball gown with layers of tulle following royal style shows her nature.

#7 Aurora's "Briar Rose" Costume (Sleeping Beauty)

Source: Heroes vs Villains Wiki

Although Aurora knows how to dress well in a peasant dress, her pink ball gown is the best. This magical "Briar Rose" one makes her look more elegant and sweet.

#8 Jasmine's Daily Look (Aladdin)

Source: Princess Disney

Jasmine is by far the trendiest Disney princess with her daily look with crop tops and harem pants. Also, she wears a lot of jewelry such as necklaces, oversized earrings, bejeweled hairbands, and golden arm cuffs.

#9 Moana's Pacific Dress (Moana)

Source: VVNG

The Polynesian princess, Moana, made her clothe from tapa and pandanus that are very Pacific materials. Every beach wave pattern in her dress and the color coordination makes this the perfect outfit for a seabound adventure.
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