Some People May Envy With These Disney Animals Couples' Love!

Besides many princes and princesses couples, there are many Disney cute animal ones, too. Whether they are mice, dogs, cats, or ducks, their lovely stories have stolen the hearts of millions.
Maybe you watched these movies more than ten times when you were little but did not understand anything apart from the base storyline. Now, it might be surprising to know that many of these movies contain romantic relationships. Below is our list of the most adorable animal couples of Walt Disney that will make you feel love is in the air!

#1 Mickey and Minnie

Disney Animal Couples Disney Animal Couples

Source: E Online

First appearing in 1928 “Steamboat Willie” and “Plane Crazy,” Mickey and Minnie have a famous romantic relationship spanning nearly a century. Of all Disney couples, their relationship has outlasted most. Interestingly, Russi Taylor, who still voices Minnie, and Wayne Allwine, who voiced Mickey, were married in 1991.

#2 Donald and Daisy

Source: Wall Papers 13

Together, Donald - a wacky duck, and Daisy - his girlfriend make the cutest and silliest duck couple we ever did see. Donald and Daisy have gone from hate to love to disdain and back many times, which take viewers on a ride every time they tune in.

#3 Simba and Nala -The Lion King (1994)

disney animal couplesSource: Metro

In Lion King, we can see that a solid friendship is the key to a good relationship. Simba and Nala were born in the same season, grew up together, and knew everything about each other. Also, Nala is a compelling lady going on her own to find Simba to bring peace back to the Pride Rock. Therefore, her courage and confidence make her a perfect match for the equally brave Simba.

#4 Lady and Tramp - Lady and the Tramp (1955)

Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

Lady and the Tramp is a love story in which a well-worn lady from the upper class (Lady) falls for a guy of a much lower status (Tramp). We can see they are so in love in the iconic spaghetti scene, which is the most romantic ones in all cinema in 1955.

#5 Pongo and Perdita - One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)

disney animal couples disney animal couples

Source: Oh My Disney

Pongo and Perdita, after the day walked past each other in the park, fell in love gradually. Only a true couple would agree to adopt an extra 84 kids on top of the 15 they already have. Everything seemed perfect until Cruella Deville almost tore their family apart, attempting to steal their 101 puppies. Hence, to save their children, the pair worked as a team and were able to prevail.

#6 Robin Hood and Maid Marian - Robin Hood (1973)

disney animal couples disney animal couples

Source: Disney Wiki

Although Robin Hood believes that Marian - an elite - would never fall for an outlaw like him, and Marian thinks that he must have forgotten all about her; they both want to be together despite their differences. Finally, the two are allowed to marry when Robin Hood is pardoned.

#7 Duchess and Thomas O'Malley - The Aristocats (1970)

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Duchess, a refined Parisian, and her kittens are abandoned in the French countryside. In the moment of need, she meets Thomas O’Malley, a street-smart alley cat who offers to help them get back home. It was love at first sight for O’Malley, but it takes time for Duchess to think about a new relationship. Until he saved one of her kittens, she could see the depth in his feeling and how far he was willing to go to protect her family. Since then, she knew they could never be apart, and a classic story started.

#8 Tod and Vixey The Fox and the Hound (1981)

Source: Fanpop

Vixey is the first fellow fox Tod meets after he was released. Instantly, he is attracted to her and tries many funny tactics to impress Vixey. After the two played and teased, they quickly realized that they were soul mates, and were willing to protect each other. In the end, the two make a perfect couple.

#9 Bernard and Miss Bianca - The Rescuers franchise (1977-90)

Source: Deviant Art

Bianca and Bernard are an unlikely pair cause she is beautiful and glamorous, but he bumbling and pudgy. Though, after working tirelessly to save a kidnapped girl together, their relationship is cemented.
The fact that these tiny mice are conquering such a significant task proves that the love of the smallest can sometimes be the strongest.
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