Grasp 15 Funny Moments Of A Scorpio During The Coronavirus Lockdown

It's been a time since the world went into a state of lockdown and our lives began to slow down due to the coronavirus pandemic. While this time isolates us from the outside world, it is a rare opportunity for us to reconnect with ourselves, our families, and the activities we love most. During this phase of self-isolation, are you indulging in self-care, catching up on your reading list, or just feeling deprived and lonely? Your zodiac sign can tell the answer.
In astrology, each zodiac sign has its own way to deal with this phase of self-isolation. Known as one of the Water signs who loves the private space, Scorpio truly values the time away from the crowd, but they still want to interact with their friends via social networks. They enjoy taking a bubble bath, getting wine drunk alone but they can't help spending time calling video with friends. If you are curious about a Scorpio during social distancing time, let's check out 15 funny moments!

#1 "Netflix makes my day."

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#2 Reading books is Scorpio's hobby.

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#3 It's time to learn a new sport.

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#4 Is that true?

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#5 Music is Scorpio's life.

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#6 "I love taking bubble baths."

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#7 Can you relate?/

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#8 "My bed is my best friend during this time."

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#9 Be strong all the time.

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#10 It's interesting.

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#11 Scorpio enjoys quarantine time.

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#12 "I need more snacks."

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#13 Tag a Scorpio.

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#14 "Staying 6 feet apart is minimum."

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#15 Miss the homies a lot.

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