Uncover 15 Humorous Moments When Libras Are At School

In our life, school time is probably the most meaningful and unforgettable period of time. School is the place that not only teaches us knowledge and skills but also keeps many memories of the time when we are carefree, innocent and enterprising. This beautiful time is when we can follow our passions and live with ourselves.
In astrology, each zodiac sign with its own personality represents a type of person in the class. Known as one of the most stable, sociable, and dreamy signs among the bunch, the Libra in school can be your lovely deskmate who is a sleepyhead all the time. With the artistic mindset, Libra is very good at Art. They may create masterpieces in their notebook during break-time. Besides, you can know a Libra student who always asks you when the class would over or who often lends you the cutest school supplies.
In this post, we've collected 15 hilarious moments when Libras are at school. Get ready to get to know a Libra student with these funny memes and don't forget to tell us what you think.

#1 Libra often gets involved in school shows.

Source: zodiacbear

#2 At least Libra still studies actually.

Source: astrhology

#3 Libra can be a hot girl or hot boy at school.

Source: astrolody

#4 Is that true?

Source: astrology_babey

#5 Tag a Libra.

Source: astrologys_space

#6 "So could I lend your homework?"

Source: bratzdiac

#7 What a daydreamer!

Source: libras.society

#8 Can you relate?

Source: librathoughtz

#9 "When is the class over?"

Source: zodiacvibe.z

#10 "Keep me away from drama."

Source: astrolody

#11 "My lunch box is waiting for me."

Source: zodostar

#12 It's easy.

Source: zodostar

#13 "Going back to school makes me stressed."

Source: zodiacbear

#14 Libra is a fashionista.

Source: zodiacoreo

#15 It's time to relax.

Source: librayuh

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