Capture 15 Funny Moments Of A Libra During Quarantine

There's no doubt that life during quarantine is a challenging time that disrupts the normal routineĀ of the zodiac signs. As an Air sign and the most sociable sign in astrology, Libra loves public activities and longs to connect with people. Therefore, self-isolation following the social distancing rule is surely a difficult thing for these scales. If you are wondering how Libras deal with this humdrum time, keep scrolling.
Surrounded by a lot of relationships, Libra will find it deprived and lonely during quarantine. However, with their desire to keep others happy, Libras always make effort to learn and cook special foods for their family. Besides, they also seek new interesting hobbies to maintain balance in their life. Let's check out 15 funny moments of a Libra during quarantine! And don't forget to leave us comments to let us know if that is true or not.

#1 Libra always loves shopping.

Source: zodiac_signzs

#2 It's time to make funny memes.

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#3 "I will become a hot tikktoker."

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#4 Is that accurate?

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#5 "I love working from home."

Source: moonlyhoroscopes

#6 "Am I actually sleepy or am I just bored?"

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#7 Spend most of their time on their pet.

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#8 Music is Libra's life.

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#9 Quarantine is the time to rearrange the wardrobe.

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#10 Can you relate?

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#11 Oops.

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#12 Taking selfies is the most favorite activity of Libra.

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#13 Tag a Libra.

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#14 "Do people annoy me or am I just bored?"

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#15 "I love staying in my living room."

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