Internet Is Crazy About This Sleepy And Very Unamused Creature

This creature, known as viscacha, is closely related to the chinchilla and is native to South America. There are two genuses (or ‘genera’) of viscacha. These are Lagidium and Lagostomus. With long front teeth, long whiskers, long rounded ears, a long curly tail, thick fur, and a stout body, a vicacha looks like a short-tailed chinchilla crossed with a hare, although it isn't related to rabbits at all.

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This rodent can be found in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru. They are herbivores, so they mostly eat wild grasses and mosses. It looks like a fuzzy bunny and gets around by hopping, so it sometimes called a long-tailed rabbit. They live in mountains, so sunning themselves on rocks all day is one of their hobbies.

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Despite being cute and sweet, life for the viscacha isn’t easy as their looks. They’re hunted by humans for fur and meat, so they need to be careful all the times. Although they’re not endangered, we still need to protect them and their environment.

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If you want to see a viscacha in “action,” scroll down to see the video below:

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