20+ Dogs Who Are Large In Size But Still Cute And Sweet As Puppies

When it comes to adopting a dog, people tend to adopt puppies and small breeds instead of big dogs. It's because small dogs are cute while huge ones look scary and dangerous. However, anyone who has ever owned a big dog knows that giant dog breeds can make great family friends. Despite their sometimes fearsome appearance, they are cute, friendly, and sweet like small ones. They love kids, protect them, and keep them active. The love and compassion that they give to their humans is like nothing else in the world.
We adore dogs, especially huge ones, so we spent hours collecting photos of them and shared with you. Scroll down to check them out! Looking at these photos, you have to agree with us that big dogs have big hearts and so much love to give us.

#1 "8 weeks old vs 1 year old. The love of our lives."

Source: Instagram

#2 Forever friends.

Source: Elena Shumilova

#3 "Our Golden, Arliss. From 8 weeks to 7 months."

Source: Reddit

#4 Settling in for nap time.

Source: mediumclay

#5 "Cane Corso — 130 lb lap boy. So good."

Source: GoGoCrumbly / Reddit

#6 "Don't take my human puppy, it's mine do not take it!"

Source: Caroline Ghetes

#7 "Ziggy got biggy."

Source: RaySchon / Reddit

#8 "My golden retriever from 9 weeks old to 9 years old. His abnormally large size doesn’t keep him from thinking he is still just a handful."

Source: f_aids / Reddit

#9 "I'm right here to catch you."

Source: Anonymous Panda

#10 "My good boy, Buddy — 10 years ago, and last night."

Source: Reddit

#11 "This is Idris, my wife’s horse puppy. Half-Saint Bernard, half-Newfoundland. 18 months old, about 145 pounds, and still growing..."

Source: Imgur

#12 "I bought my dad a puppy 6 months ago. 120 lb later, he’s the best big boy. Meed Odin!"

Source: Imgur

#13 If you own a big dog, chances are you know this moment all too well.

Source: Imgur

#14 "We adopted this puppy. We were told he wouldn’t be huge. But something went wrong."

Source: dinaida / Pikabu

#15 "My big girl loves to cuddle up on the couch."

Source: Imgur

#16 It’s difficult to be a parent...

Source: Imgur

#17 "From a 2-month-old to 6 months to a 1-year-old monster!"

Source: Reddit

#18 "Whoever said a pitbull couldn’t be a lap dog seriously missed out."

Source: Imgur

#19 But who needs organs when you're getting cuddles?! Not I.

Source: Imgur

#20 Dogs of every size are filled with boundless love.

Source: Imgur



If you've got any beautiful photos of big dogs, you can share them with us in the comments below! Be sure to share these pics with your friends and family members!
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